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Curriculum Vitae
—Dr. Xinzheng Li

Sex: Male; Health: Excellent; Nationality: Chinese; Degree: Ph.D.; Position: Research Professor; Institution: Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS); Address: 7 Nanhai Road, Qingdao 266071, China; Tel. : +86-532-82898771 (Office); Fax: +86-532-82898798; Mobile: +86-13853216328; E-mail: lixzh@qdio. ac. cn

09/1981—06/1991: Department of Biology, Nankai University, Tianjin, China
09/1988—06/1991, Doctorate Student, Major: Invertebrate Zoology
Science Degree: Ph.D. (1991)
09/1985—06/1988, Graduate Student, Major: Invertebrate Zoology
Science Degree: Master of Science (1988)
09/1981—06/1985, Undergraduate Student, Major: Zoology
Science Degree: Bachelor of Science (1985)
07/1997—01/1998: Visiting Scholar, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C., USA
12/2005—06/2006: Visiting Scholar, Biodiversity Centre, National University of Singapore, Singapore

06/1991—present: IOCAS
02/1996—present: Research Professor;
11/1993—02/1996: Associate Professor;
06/1991—11/1993: Research Assisstant.
04/1996—10/2005: Chairman, Department of Systematics of Marine Biota, IOCAS; directior of Marine Biological Museum, Chinese Academy of Sciences (MBMCAS, in IOCAS).
05/2002—present: Professor, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Study Fields: Marine Biodiversity; Marine Benthic Ecology; Marine Fauna of China Seas; Systematics of Invertebrates; Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Crustaceans.

Member of Science Plan Committee (SPC) of Census of Marine Life (CoML), 2010—;
Member of Chinese Committee of CoML, 2005—;
Member of Council of the International Crustacean Society, 1998—;
Member of Scientific Committee, 19th International Zoological Conference, 08/2002—08/2004;
General Secretary of the 7th International Crustacean Conference, 19-25/06/2010;
Member and General Secretary of the Council of the Chinese Crustacean Society, 1998—;
President of Council of the Qingdao Zoological Society, 2008—;
Member of Council of the China Zoological Society, 2004—
Member of the Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1998—;
Member of Council of Aquatic Branch of China Wildlife Conservation Society, 2003—
Member of Scientific Committee of Aquatic Wildlife, Ministry of Agricuture, China, 2005—,
Member of the Editorial Board of “Fauna Sinica”, 1997—;
Member of the Editorial Board of <Marina Studia Sinica>, 1994—, assistant of editor in chief, 2005—;
Deputy of Editorial Board of <Transactions of the Chinese Crustacean Society>, 2002—
Member of the Editorial Board of <Acta Oceanologica Sinica> (both Chinese and English editions), 2003—;
Member of the Editorial Board of <Biodiversity Science>, 1999—2004, 2008—;
Member of the Editorial Board of <Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica>, 1998—2001, 2005—;
Member of the Editorial Board of <Chinese Journal of Applyied Ecology>, 2010—;
Member of the Editorial Board of <Marine Sciences (Qingdao)>, 2000—;
Member of the Editorial Board of <Journal of Marine Sciences (Hangzhou)>, 2004—.  
Member of the Editorial Board of <Chinese Journal of Zoology>, 2000—.

Four monographs and more than 150 papers, in fields of Marine Biodiversity, Marine Benthic Ecology, Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Crustaceans, Systematics of Invertebrates, Marine Fauna of China Seas, and Entomology, have been published (see following).

List of publications of Dr. Xinzheng Li
Li, Xinzheng (ed.), 2000. Catalog of the genera and species of Pontoniinae, Kingsley, 1878 (Decapoda, Palaemonidae). Xueyuan Press, Beijing. 319 pp.
Li, Xinzheng, Zhang Shiyi, Wang Cunxin, Li Baoquan, Wang Yongliang, Xu Fengshan, Liao Yulin, Dong Jinhai (eds.), 2005. Living Organisms in Aquarium. Beijing: Forestry Press House of China, 282 pages, 261 pictures.
Li, Xinzheng, Liu Ruiyu, Liang Xiangqiu, Chen Guoxiao, 2007. Crustacea Decapoda, Palaemonoidea. Fanna Sinica, Invertebrata, vol. 44. Beijing: Science Press, 381 pages, 157 figures.
Li, Xingzheng, Liu Lusan, Li Baoquan, et al., 2010. Marine Macrobenthos from China’s Sea--Research and Practice. Beijing: Ocean Press. 378 pp.

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