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Yiqijiepi Texture—A Newly Nominated Sedimentary Texture


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Based on the data obtained in the Okhotsk Sea and ODP204 Cruise, Dr. Xiwu Luan from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) introduced a newly found sedimentary texture. According to Dr. Luan, the cut section surface of marine core sediment will be usually smooth and flat, but when the sediment contains gas, the cut surface will become coarse and unflat. This will usually happened when gas hydrate contained in the sediment. As the core was lifting from the sea bed, the pressure decreased and temperature increased, the gas hydrate within in the sediment will vaporize and produce large volume of methane bubbles, and the volume of the gas bubble contained in the sediment would enlarged, sometime suddenly of course. The bursting gas bubble would distort the original arrangement of the sedimentary grain, and make a coarse and unflat surface. Clearly, this should belong to a secondary physical sedimentary texture. Considering its important to the gas hydrate exploration, Dr. Luan nominated it as Yiqijiepi Texture in his newly published paper (Xiwu Luan. Gas Bursting Texture-- A Newly Found Gas Hydrate Related Sedimentary Texture. ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA, 2009, 83(1):123-130).

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