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Organization Structure
Author: IOC
Update time: 2013-09-28
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Research Departments Experimental Marine Biological Laboratory, CAS
--- Key Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology, Qingdao
Key Laboratory of Marine Ecology & Environmental Sciences, CAS
--- Jiaozhou Bay National Marine Ecosystem Research Station
--- Marine Biological Specimen Museum, CAS
Key Laboratory of Ocean Circulation and Wave Studies, CAS
--- R&D Center for Marine Environmental Engineering
--- Joint Center for Ocean Circulation and Climate/Environment Study
Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment, CAS
--- Laboratory of Submarine Hydrothermal Activity, CAS
R&D Center of Marine Biotechnology, CAS
R&D Center of Marine Environmental Engineering
--- Provincial Key Laboratory of Corrosion Sciences, Shandong
------- Key Laboratory of Marine Corrosion and Protection, Qingdao
------- Sino-Japan Marine Corrosion Environment Research Center
------- Sino-Japan R&D Center for Marine Anti-Corrosion Coating
Support System Research Vessel Operation and Management Center
OfficeGraduate Studies
Library and Information Center

Public Tech-Supporting Center

Marine Biological Speciment Museum, CAS

Administrative System General Office

Office of Research and Technology

Office of International Cooperation

Office of Human Resources

Office of Infrastructure

Office of Asset Management

Office of Audit and Supervision

Office of Accounting



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Tel: 86-532-82898611 Fax: 86-532-82898612
E-mail: IOCAS@ms.qdio.ac.cn