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NOWPAP CEARAC Expert Meeting on Eutrophication Assessment in the NOWPAP Region held in Qingdao

On October 18th, the ‘CEARAC Expert Meeting on Eutrophication Assessment in the NOWPAP Region’ was held in Qing...


The Second Meeting of IOCAS & YICCAS International Scientific Advisory Board was held in Qingdao, China

The Second Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Board of Institute of Oceanology and Yantai Institute...


Research Progress

The sea cucumber genome provides insights into morphological evolut...

Sea cucumbers form one class of the echinoderms, which are all marine animals. Together with chordates and hemichorda...


China Realizes World's Longest Real-time Transmission of Deep-sea Data

QINGDAO , June 19 ( Xinhua ) - - Chinese scientists announced Monday they had realized the real-time transmission of ...


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