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SCI-E included

3rd World
on Marine
npoce.jpg   The NPOCE Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) 2014 annual...
The NPOCE Scientific Steering Committee ( SSC ) 2014 annual meeting was held in the BPPT building in Jakarta , Indonesian during August 18-19 .The meeting was attended by 9 SSC members , two invited scientists ( Janet Sprintall and Michael McPhaden ) , more than 30 young scientists and students from Indonesian universities and agencies and a staff from the NPOCE program office .Successfully promoting the development of NPOCE .
News & Events
science.jpg   Great earthquakes happen on the smooth and weak subduction meg...
On August 29 , Science published a paper entitled " Strength of stick-slip and creeping subduction megathrusts from h...
111.jpg   The draft sequencing and analysis of the genome of Takifugu fl...
The research team headed by Prof. Linsheng Song have achieved the draft sequencing and analysis of the genome of Taki...
11.jpg   R/V Ke Xue established shore-based video connection
R/V Ke Xue established a long distance video connection with shore-based command center of IOCAS in Qingdao when carr...
Int'l Cooperation News
·A Summary on International Collaborative Study of Paleocean... (2014-9-17)
·Deputy director Gao Wen, from the national natural science ... (2014-8-29)
·Korea Marine Environment Management Corp visitd IOCAS (2014-8-26)
·Dr. Michel DENIS from Aix-Marseille University Visited IOCAS (2014-8-26)
·Scientists from IOCAS participated in the Plant & Animal Ge... (2014-6-6)
·1st COMAR Advanced Training Workshop on Systematics of Deep... (2014-6-6)
·Biochemists find new treatment options for staph infectio...[2014-09-17]
·Better regulations needed for deep-sea biology[2014-09-17]
·New committee will advise federal leaders on integrating ...[2014-09-17]
·How good is the fossil record? New study casts doubt on t...[2014-09-17]
·Mantle plumes crack continents[2014-09-17]
·3rd World Conference on Marine Biodiv...
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·Chinese Academy of Engineering
·Partnership for Observation of the Gl...
·National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admi...
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