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SCI-E included

3rd World
on Marine
1.jpg   World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB 2014) was h...
World Conference on Marine Biodiversity ( WCMB.Was held in Qingdao , China 12-16 October , 2014 with the theme of ' Life in the Changing Ocean ' .It covers topics from recent breakthroughs in Marine Biodiversity . WCMB 2014 continues to provide a platform for marine scientists to debate on the issues affecting the progress of this emerging field and identify the challenges and opportunities facing the development of marine biodiversity .Over 4...
News & Events
npoce.jpg   The NPOCE Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) 2014 annual meet...
The NPOCE Scientific Steering Committee ( SSC ) 2014 annual meeting was held in the BPPT building in Jakarta , Indone...
science.jpg   Great earthquakes happen on the smooth and weak subduction meg...
On August 29 , Science published a paper entitled " Strength of stick-slip and creeping subduction megathrusts from h...
111.jpg   The draft sequencing and analysis of the genome of Takifugu fl...
The research team headed by Prof. Linsheng Song have achieved the draft sequencing and analysis of the genome of Taki...
Int'l Cooperation News
·University of Maryland Visited the Key Laboratory of Marine... (2014-10-3)
·A Summary on International Collaborative Study of Paleocean... (2014-9-17)
·Deputy director Gao Wen, from the national natural science ... (2014-8-29)
·Korea Marine Environment Management Corp visitd IOCAS (2014-8-26)
·Dr. Michel DENIS from Aix-Marseille University Visited IOCAS (2014-8-26)
·Scientists from IOCAS participated in the Plant & Animal Ge... (2014-6-6)
·Expect 6,000 more Australian deaths if pollution rises to...[2014-10-29]
·Changing Antarctic waters could trigger steep rise in sea...[2014-10-29]
·Fall in monsoon rains driven by rise in air pollution, st...[2014-10-29]
·Small algae with great potential[2014-10-29]
·Nemo can travel great distances to connect populations: B...[2014-10-29]
·3rd World Conference on Marine Biodiv...
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·Chinese Academy of Engineering
·Partnership for Observation of the Gl...
·National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admi...
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