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SCI-E included

3rd World
on Marine
111.jpg   The draft sequencing and analysis of the genome of Takifu...
The research team headed by Prof. Linsheng Song have achieved the draft sequencing and analysis of the genome of Takifugu flavidus,and the results were published by DNA Research (Full article can be accessed through:http://dnaresearch.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2014/07/22/dnares.dsu025.long ).
News & Events
11.jpg   R/V Ke Xue established shore-based video connection
R/V Ke Xue established a long distance video connection with shore-based command center of IOCAS in Qingdao when carr...
nature.jpg   The Western Pacific Ocean System (WPOS) project was reported b...
Six centuries ago, Chinese explorer Zheng He set sail into the Pacific Ocean with hundreds of vessels, starting a ser...
浮标.jpg   Routine maintenance of Yellow Sea Station and the East Sea Sta...
In order to ensure surface and subsurface buoys systems of the Yellow Sea Station and the East Sea Station of China O...
Int'l Cooperation News
·Scientists from IOCAS participated in the Plant & Animal Ge... (2014-6-6)
·1st COMAR Advanced Training Workshop on Systematics of Deep... (2014-6-6)
·One week left for World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 2... (2014-5-23)
·North Pacific monthly mean absolute geostrophic currents share (2014-5-23)
·2013 CMA management review conference conclude successfully (2014-3-5)
·Workshop on 24 Feb. Collaboration Symposium on Marine Scien... (2014-2-18)
·Microplastics worse for crabs and other marine life than ...[2014-07-28]
·Oceans vital for possibility for alien life[2014-07-28]
·Atlantic salmon show capacity to adapt to warmer waters[2014-07-28]
·Mesophotic coral reef geology the focus of new study[2014-07-28]
·Beautiful but a threat: Tropical fish invasion destroys k...[2014-07-28]
·3rd World Conference on Marine Biodiv...
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·Partnership for Observation of the Gl...
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