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SCI-E included

3rd World
on Marine
3.png   Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan, China Welcome Scolars f...
Prof. Zeng and his colleagues set a total of 26 stations for sampling in Kueishantao hydrothermal field, and 17 stations have successfully collected samples of hydrothermal fluids, hydrothermal plume water, hydrothermal diffusion water, and background seawater. In situ hydrothermal fluid temperature and flow were gained as well. Rock samples were collected from 9 stations near hydrothermal vents, bubble wall and 10 meters away from the vents w...
News & Events
1.png   CSR Delegation Visits IOCAS Concerning R...
On 29th, June 2015, the delegation composed of eight officers from China South Railway (CSR) Zhuzhou Institute Co., L...
1.png   International Echinoderm Conference Welcome Deputy Director...
Prof. YANG Hongsheng, ZHANG Tao and ZHANG Libin from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences went to Col...
2.png   Nature Publishes Review Paper by CAS Members on ...
On June 18, 2015, the review paper “Pacific western boundary currents and their roles in climate” is published in N...
Int'l Cooperation News
·The 18th Pacific-Asian Marginal Seas Meeting Inviting Ac... (2015-6-18)
· Human impact overwhelms long-te... (2015-4-2)
·Massive Expansion and Functional Dive... (2015-3-10)
·CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme for PhD Candidat... (2015-1-21)
·RCAM: Excellent Performance in 2014 Proficiency Testing (2015-1-12)
·Reforms should be supported by action (2014-12-23)
·Warmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats...[2015-06-26]
·Death in the tide pools: Rapid die-off of urchins and sea...[2015-06-26]
·New study uncovers why some threatened corals swap 'algae...[2015-06-26]
·New Insights Into Drivers of Earth's Ecosystems[2015-06-26]
·Invasive microbe protects corals from global warming, ...[2015-06-19]
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