CSR Delegation Visits IOCAS Concerning RV KEXUE and ROV FAXIAN

Date:Jul 07, 2015    |  【 A  A  A 】

On 29th, June 2015, the delegation composed of eight officers from China South Railway (CSR) Zhuzhou Institute Co., LTD together with its subsidiary Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., LTD, Shanghai CSR Hange Shipping Engineering Co., LTD and Soil Machine Dynamics LTD (SMD) visited IOCAS on questions of common interest about RV KEXUE and ROV FAXIAN. 

This is the first time that CSR have communicated with IOCAS since its buyout of SMD. Deputy Director of IOCAS Li Tiegang leading related experts and responsible officers attended the meeting. 

LI Tiegang firstly expressed greetings to CSR delegation and introduced the history of IOCAS, especially its significant progress in marine scientific research and deep sea area. Director of Large Research Infrastructure Office Yin Hong mainly introduced the functions, detection abilities and cruises of RV KEXUE and ROV FAXIAN to the delegation. IOCAS expressed the desire to cooperate with complementary advantages utilizing high-tech to assist deep sea research. 

Afterwards CSR Assistant of General Manager Li Xiong talked about the background of CSR and the company’s vision of developing deep sea equipment after the buyout of SMD. Deputy Manager of SMD Mark Collins said that they would give constant supports to IOCAS, made every effort to solve ROV present problems and optimized its performance. 

The two sides exchanged their ideas with regard to specific technology and after-sale service. They agreed to evaluate ROV’s technical performance immediately and make a working schedule for the usage of ROV in seamounts’ cruises in late 2015. CSR is willing to check up on SMD to improve ROV capacity and makes contributions to national deep-sea scientific expedition. 

ROV FAXIAN is the key deep-sea in-situ detection equipment carried on RV KEXUE. It was offered by SMD in 2012 with special custom’s requirement that is to dive to 4,500m deep. As the strongest scientific working vehicle underwater in China now, ROV FAXIAN has helped to obtain various precious data and samples in the cruises of cold seep study in South China Sea, Okinawa Trough, Manus hydrothermal study and Yap seamount comprehensive investigation in the last two years. 

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