Scientists and exhibiters attended 2018 ocean science meeting

Date:Mar 12, 2018    |  【 A  A  A 】

2018 ocean science meeting (OSM 2018) is held during February 11-16 in Portland, Oregon, US. Following the rules of our institute, here we report the situation of the scientists and techniques’ attendance.

This meeting attracted more than 4000 oceanographers, techniques, graduate students, manufacturers from all over the world to discuss the development and project the future of the ocean sciences. In this meeting, we had 3 researchers, Yuanlong Li, Shuiqing Li, and Fujun Wang, giving presentations. Among them, Yuanlong Li and Shuiqing Li provided oral presentations on physical oceanography, and Fujun Wang provided a poster presentation, which drew wide interests of the audience. Because of cruise survey and visa problem, Linlin Zhang and Shoude Guan failed to attend the meeting.

For the first time, IOCAS had three exhibiters, Peizhou Chen, Fengfan Yang, and Jiao Liu, attending the meeting with the scientists. They deployed an exhibit hall to introduce the IOCAS to the meeting attenders. We described the research and development of the IOCAS during recent years and communicate with the young scientists abroad. We also introduced the Journal of Oceanology and Limnology. On average, the visitors to our exhibit hall reached 500. Foreign scientists and students were very interested in our work. On February 14, we conducted a banquet in the name of IOCAS, and more than 40 oceanographers and young researchers attended it. During this banquet, we introduced the recent development and human resource policies of IOCAS.

As the first time of attending the meeting, our exhibiting work has received positive feedback form the peers. We had a good preparation and give out a lot of small gifts with IOCAS’s logo. We had a fantastic cooperation between exhibitors and scientists. The scientists were very helpful for the exhibiting hall. They provided a good linkage between the exhibitors and the audience.

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