Scientific visit to Scripps and WHOI

Date:Oct 16, 2017    |  【 A  A  A 】

Dr.Li chaolun made an oral Introduce of the IOCAS and new progress of the WOPS program, Dr. Diao xinyuan made an oral “The management of the investigation engineer of the scientific research vessel”, Dr. Zhang ronghua made an oral “The new progress of the coupled modeling of Enso”in both Scripps and Woods hole. In scripps, the team had a good conversation with the Director Margaret Leinen, and they both think where should be a workshop in the next year about the new progress of the WPOS. Thus, some scientist who have same interesting research area or region can have a good chance to exchange the research result together. The time of the work shop was set to May or June and will be decided in December. After that, the team met Dr. Shang-Ping Xie, Dr. Bill Gerwick, Dr. Maria Vernet, Dr. Mark Ohman and Dr. Matthew Mazloff, and discuss the interesting area about the work in geophysical, marine ecosystem, marine environment, and also some new technology like the data analysis in the improvement of the precision of the biological model. In woods hole, the team met the deputy director Laurence P. Madin and Robert S.C. Munier, and professor Don Anderson, Ji rubao and other scientists. Dr. Li chaolun introduced the talent policy and teaching faculty program of the ocean college of CAS in Qingdao, and wish some scientist can have some part time teaching in ocean college. Dr. Diao xinyuan discussed the FAXIAN ROV system of IOCAS and JASON ROV system of Woods hole with Mr. Munier, and invited the ROV team of Woods hole to visit IOCAS in the next year.


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