Training Course on Subsurface Mooring Observation Successfully Concluded on July 22 in Qingdao

Date:Jul 26, 2023    |  【 A  A  A 】

The one-week International Training Course on Subsurface Mooring Observation hosted by the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) is successfully conducted on July 22 in Qingdao, China. Fan Wang, Director of IOCAS, delivers closing remark and issues certificates to trainees. The participants enthusiastically share their training gains and experiences. Prof. Jianing Wang chairs the closing ceremony.



Fan Wang issues certificates to trainees

Fan Wang congratulates the trainees on successfully completing the training course. He says that this is the beginning of concerted efforts by IOCAS with scientists from all over the world to support the long-term subsurface ocean observations in open oceans, which is the key for the ocean and climate community to understand the climate variability better and to gain sustainable development of the ocean. He points out that IOCAS will continue hosting this kind of training course in the future to promote global ocean observing research, and welcome cooperation and supports from other research institutions or universities all over the world.

During the training, scientists from multiple disciplines in oceanography both domestically and internationally present a series of highly professional lectures related to ocean observations and research. Scientists from IOCAS provide trainees with detailed instructions on the design, deployment, and recovery process of subsurface mooring observations, and also the data processing, analysis methods, and scientific interpretations of both subsurface mooring data and other in-situ observations in ocean circulation, internal waves, and climate research. Besides the above training lectures, IOCAS also organizes operational practice for all trainees on the deployment and recovery of subsurface mooring conducted on a scientific research vessel in the surrounding waters of Qingdao.



Trainees visit the IOCAS campus



Trainees participate in practical training on subsurface mooring structure and instrument parameter settings at the dock of West Coast campus of IOCAS



Trainees take scientific research vessel to conduct on-site training on the deployment and recovery of subsurface mooring

At the end of the training, trainees express that they have benefited a lot from this training and hope to have more opportunities to come to China for training and exchange in the future.

"This training is perfect, both the indoor teaching and practical operations on scientific research vessel are very targeted. The teachers' explanations are very professional and understandable. I’ve learned a lot on operational skills and technologies of ocean subsurface mooring observation and related ocean dynamics. Besides, I think the training provides young scientists from different countries a good platform to communicate with each other on cooperation and exchanging knowledge on subsurface mooring observation and research," says Alexander, early career scientist from Russia's Shirshov Institute of Oceanology.

"I am very satisfied with all the activities of this training. After returning to my country, I will definitely share the professional knowledge and skills gained from the training courses with Mexico and the entire Latin America. I will also encourage more colleagues and scientists in related fields to come to China for exchange and learning," says Joana, a master of physical oceanography from CICESE, Mexico.

"The content related to the processing and application of subsurface mooring data in this training course has greatly inspired my doctoral dissertation research. The on-site training of the scientific research vessel is also my first voyage to sea, and I am very excited about it. This training experience has deepened my understanding of ocean observation. In my future work, I will work hard on Data mining from these hard-earned observational data," says Samuel, a doctoral student from the Republic of Ghana.

"I will apply the knowledge learned in this training to my scientific research work in Gulf of Papua and share it with my domestic peers," says JoJo from Papua New Guinea.

Trainees share their achievements and thoughts on this training

(Editor: ZHANG Yiyi)

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