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New Progress in Artificial Apostichopus Japonicus Breeding of Thermal Tolerant Strain and Albino Strain
Update time: 2010-11-01
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Apostichopus japonicus albino juvenile

On October 23rd 2010, the acceptance check of the agricultural seed project of Shan Dong province “the artificial breeding of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus for fast-growing, disease-resistance and thermal tolerance” and the national key technology R&D program “the breeding of strains of sea urchin and sea cucumber for high-yield and stress tolerance” was organized by institute of ShanDong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery. The experts participated in this acceptance check included professor Sun huiling from Yellow sea fisheries research institute Chinese academy of Fishery Science, professor Ru Shaoguo from Ocean University of China, professor Yang jianmin from ShanDong marine fisheries research institute, professor Sun zhengxing from Ludong University and chief Xie jiuming from institude of ShanDong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery. The experts affirmed the achievement on artificial breeding of thermal resistant A.japonicus and albino A.japonicus.

In situ checking

The yield and growth condition of albino juveniles and thermal resistant juveniles was checked by experts. After the project leader reported the work statement, the experts inquired the key technology and the progress of the project and finally confirmed the achievement on artificial breeding of thermal resistant A.japonicus and albino A.japonicus. According to the results of the project, the thermal resistant strain could terminate the stage of estivation 17 days earlier than normal A.japonicus. Furthermore, the thermal resistant strain could endure 1 degree higher temperature than normal A.japonicus. The results of gene expression of heat shock proteins and lethal high temperature test indicated that the thermal resistant strain had better thermostability. At present, the yield of thermal resistant A.japonicus was one million eight hundred thousand, which included eight hundred thousand F1 offspring and one million F2 offspring. In addition, 18 A.japonicus pedigrees were established and each pedigree had 5000-30000 individuals. In March 2010, the artificial breeding of albino A.japonicus was carried out. Up to October 2010, the yield of albino offspring was one million three hundres thousand.

Recently the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese academy of Sciences and Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd collaborated on the establishment of Sea Products Breeding and Healthy Aquaculture Lab. These affiliations carried out the research on the breeding of thermal resistant A.japonicus and albino A.japonicus jointly, and finally achieved a series of innovative outcome, which laid the groundwork for popularization and industrialization of thermal resistant strain and albino strain.

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