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Strategic Alliance for Technology Innovation in Marine Anti-corrosion Industry Established
Update time: 2010-11-26
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A  Strategic Alliance for Technology Innovation in Marine Anti-corrosion Industry was established in the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) on November 23, 2010.  

The alliance was co-established by 13 enterprises in marine anti-corrosion industry and 13 research institutes or universities headed by IOCAS. It was designed to solve the main corrosion and protection problems in bridge, port, and other costal major projects, and the development process of the marine energy, such as oil and nature gas. The main research areas include the reasons for the corrosion damage of traditional and novel anti-corrosion materials and surface coatings in marine corrosion environment, the mechanism of corrosion process, and the corrosion control and monitoring technologies. The alliance tries to achieve a breakthrough in marine anti-corrosion coatings, engineering, and equipment.

Members of the alliance have made commitments to stick to independent innovation, focus on the research and development of core anti-corrosion technique, technical cooperation and exchanges, engineering applications, and aim at the international forefront of high technology. The alliance will aim at the major technology needs for the development and utilization of marine resources, establish diverse and multi-level independent research and development co-existed innovation of pattern, and build the innovation of system integrating of production, teaching, and research based on the innovation technique with self-owned intellectual property rights and basic research, common and key technology research, engineering, industry. It will enhance the China’s overall strength of marine anti-corrosion technology for the development and utilization of marine resources in China escort.

It is estimated that the economic losses caused by marine corrosion amounted to as much as 1 trillion Yuan in 2009. The establishment of this alliance is believed to improve the situation and promote the sustainable development of marine resources.

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