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Coastal Aquaculture and Bio-remediation Techologies Aquired Application Effect
Update time: 2010-11-30
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Recently the Department of Science and Technology of Shangdong province organized an acceptance check of projects including the Research and Development of Effective Ecology Aquaculture and Enhancement Technology in Typical Coastal Habitat (supported by the National Science & Technology support program), the Raft Culture Facilities and Ecology Culture Technology (the national 863 program, also by Pro.Hongsheng Yang) and the Ecological Restoration of Typical Shellfish Culture Eutrophic Bay (the Jiaozhou Bay, the important science and technology program of Shandong province, studied by Pro.Yi Zhou of the Institute of Oceanology, CAS). The expert crew participated in this acceptance check are selected from Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute Chinese Academy of Fishery Science, Ocean University of China, The First Institute of Oceanography SOA, Qingdao National Oceanographic Center.

Three technologies research charged by Pro.Yang, the anti-wave sink-rope culture technology of kelp in high sea scale, the off-coastal healthy culture technology of Chlamys (Azumapecten) Farreri and the ecology restoration of eutrophic bay technology, was evaluated by the expert crew. In addition the ecology restoration of typical bay technology (Jiaozhou Bay) charged by Pro. Zhou was also elvatuated.

The anti-wave sink-rope culture technology is suitable for cultivating kelp in high sea scale zone. The kelp can avoid the influence of the surface wave by this technology, so it's easy to build the kelp forest, which provides better habit for fish and other sea creatures.

The off-costal healthy culture technology built the carrying capacity mode of C. farreri cultivated in Qiansan islands in Haizhou Bay. Using sink-raft technology, C. farreri can cultivated in the 10 meters below the surface, so it can safely live through the summer and also can improve the survive rate.

The technology of ecological restoration of typical shellfish culture eutrophic bay is base on shellfish culture eutrophic bay, the Jiaozhou Bay, which can assess the relationship between the filter feeding intertidal shellfish and the environment from shellfish physiology aspect. The technology can also assess the effect of filter feeding shellfish restoration on the eutrophic nearshore bay. The researchers have established kelp culture demonstration area in eutrophic nearshore bay. The average annual kelp product is 105 t/hm2. The technology has been demonstrated in the 2500 mu area. The technology can effectively restore the eutrophic environment in near shore.

After hearing the study report and auditing the technology and media data, the expert crew  inquired the technology detail and discussed the relevant problems. The experts praised those restoration technologies in typical environment charged by the Institute of Oceanology, CAS and gave some suggestion which provide new clews for developing the restoration technology further.


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