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Chinese Jellyfish Project Finished First Investigation Cruise
Update time: 2011-05-06
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During 6th to 25th April, the first cruise of the National Basic Research Program (973) project “The key processes, mechanism and ecological consequences of jellyfish bloom in China coastal waters” was carried out by R.V. “Kexue No.3”. More than 5000 samples were collected from 68 stations covered a large area from the East China Sea to the Southern Yellow Sea by 26 scientists from three universities and 2 institutes. The scientific objective of this cruise is to illustrate environmental conditions before the giant jellyfish bloom.

The Chinese Jellyfish Program starting up this year focuses on reasons and ecological consequences of giant jellyfish blooms in coastal China Seas. As the first national basic research program specialized on jellyfish problem, it will investigate relationships between jellyfish bloom and various ecological events appeared recently in China, such as eutrophication, overfishing and coastal constructions, in the coming five years. Besides field investigation, a series of land-based experimental and incubation apparatuses were established in Jiaozhou City. Scientists with different research interests hope they can find a therapy for the unexpected giant jellyfish explosion.


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