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A Patent Received the 13th China Patent Excellence Award
Update time: 2012-03-21
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A patent entitled “Applications of fucoidan in the preparation of drugs to treat kidney diseases”, invented by Prof. Xu Zuhong, Li Zhien, et al, of Institute of Oceanology, CAS, was awarded the 13th China Patent Excellence Award by China's State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) with a view to commend inventors, designers and right holders that have made outstanding contributions to technical innovation and economic development.

The invention of this patent is based on the traditional Chinese Medicine theory. The brown seaweed, Laminaria japonica, is a traditional herb, and called as “Kunbu” in traditional Chinese medicine. The hot-water decoction of “Kunbu” is orally administered solely or combined with other herb extracts, and used for the treatment of tumor and hydropsy, etc. It was found for the first time by the marine drug group of Institute of Oceanology, that fucoidan was the main bioactive substance of “Kunbu” responsible for the therapeutic effects of hydropsy, with specific curative effects on renal failure, especially on early and mid-stage kidney failure. Furthermore, a new method was also development in this patent to prepare fucoidan from Laminaria without altering the production of alginate, iodine and mannitol.

Based on this patent, the marine new drug fucoidan and Haikunshenxi Capsule (main active component: fucoidan) with independent intellectual property right were received New Drug Certificates by State Food and Drug Administration of China, and commercially produced by Jilin Huinan Changlong Bio-Pharmacy Co. in 2003. Haikunshenxi capsule was approved as the State Major New Product and the National Protected Traditional Medicines after industrialization. And now Haikunshenxi capsule has become an important medicine for the treatment of kidney diseases, and achieved excellent economic and social benefits.

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