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International Workshop on Tectonics of West Pacific and Evolution of Marginal Sea was held in Qingdao successfully
Update time: 2013-05-31
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International Workshop on Tectonics of West Pacific and Evolutoin of Marginal Sea was held in Qingdao in 23rd to 24th, May, 2013. This symposium was organized by Key Laboratory of Marine Geology & Environment (KLMG), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and sponsored by Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS), Professional Committee of Marine Geology, Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology, Committee of Marine Geophysics, Chinese Geophysical Society, and Shandong Geophysical Society. Tens of experts from USA, UK, Canada, India, Peking University (PU), Tongji University (TU), Ocean University of China (OUC),Research Institute of Geology in Hangzhou of Petro China, Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS), and the Second Institute of Oceanography of State Oceanic Administration(SOA) and so on attended this symposium.

Professor Shiguo Wu who is one of the sponsors and the head of KLMG, gave a speech of welcome and a general introduction of the laboratory. The research scientist Kirk McIntosh from University of Texas at Austin Institute for Geophysics made a full speech for the participants about the “TAIGER” project. Professor Chunfeng Li (TU), who is the Chinese chief scientist of Expedition 349 of IODP, introduced the details of design and execution about Expedition 349. Professor Yaoling Niu (Durham University/IOCAS) introduced the latest research results about Origin of Back Arc Basin to participants. And Professor Huawei Zhou (Texas Tech University/OUC) gave the audiences a introduction of Challenges & opportunities for marine seismic mapping. The experts gave speeches mainly focused on six international scientific frontier problems, that is, Origin of Back Arc Basin, Morphology and classification of cold vents, Imaging and Mapping of Marine Seismics, Opening of South China Sea (SCS), Tectonics and carbonate platform in the conjugated margin of SCS, and Gas Hydrates etc. The destination of this symposium was based on the international scientific frontiers, and greatly promoted the communication and cooperation in scientists from different countries on lithospheric architectures and tectonics of West Pacific, and the tectonics and deposition of carbonate platform in SCS, and contributed to the geologic study of West Pacific and SCS.

The chiefly participants are also Professor George Spence (School of Earth & Ocean, University of Victoria, Canada), Professor Kalachand Sain (National Geophysical Research Institute, India), Professor Jinyao Gao (the Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA), Senior Engineer Xiaosu He (Research Institute of Geology in Hangzhou, Petro China), Professor-rate Senior Engineer Shaoying Fu (GMGS), Professor-rate Senior Engineer Yiqun Guo (GMGS), Associate Professor Tao He (PU), Associate Professor Xiujuan Wang (IOCAS), Dawei Wang (IOCAS), Dongdong Dong (IOCAS) and so on.

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