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NO.10 buoy of China Offshore Marine Observation and Research Network was successfully laying
Update time: 2013-10-01
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September 16, NO.10 buoy of China Offshore marine Observation and Research Network successfully placed into the Yangtze River estuary and began to conduct long-term data observation near the Yangtze River estuary waters, Chongming Island.

The No. 10 buoy system is a integrated ocean observing buoy with the diameter of 3 meters. Observing parameters include wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, visibility, water temperature, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, waves and currents, etc. The buoy system can conduct real-time continuous monitoring waters hydrological, meteorological and water quality of the Yangtze River Estuary focusing on water quality of estuarine sea area. The real-time observation data is transferring by CDMA and Beidou satellite communication. The No.10 buoy system is an important part of "East Ocean buoy array" in China Marine Observation and Research Network System "two front-line" development plan and will constitute the china east ocean observation network with the existing buoys and HuaNiao Hill AWS (Automatic Weather Station), which can provide powerful data support for systematic understanding of the Yangtze River estuary ecology evolution and precise correction of weather forecast model.

The laying of No.10 buoy which has completed by IOCAS, Shanghai Marine Meteorological Station, Shanghai Yangtze Estuarine Nature Reserve for Chinese Sturgeon is further extension of IOCAS cooperation with local area to build observation network after laying the No.6 buoy with diameter of 10 meters near china east ocean reef since 2009 and the No.11 buoy with diameter of 10 meters near Zhoushan Islands in 2013.After these fruitful works, the scope of observation has been expended effectively and laid wonderful foundation for the three organizations in the future in-depth cooperation about ocean observation.

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