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The NPOCE Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) 2014 annual meeting was held in Jakarta, Indonesian
Author: 环流室
Update time: 2014-09-02
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The NPOCE Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) 2014 annual meeting was held in the BPPT building in Jakarta, Indonesian during August 18-19. The meeting was attended by 9 SSC members, two invited scientists (Janet Sprintall and Michael McPhaden), more than 30 young scientists and students from Indonesian universities and agencies and a staff from the NPOCE program office, Ms. Yixin Ma. Nine SSC members were absent owing to schedule conflict.  

In the morning of August 18, the NPOCE SSC-2014 started with consensus among the members on the agenda. The chair of NPOCE SSC, Prof. Dunxin Hu opened the meeting with welcome and thanks to the local host BPPT. Then the Deputy of Natural Resource Development Technology of BPPT, Dr. Ridwan Djamaluddin gave a welcome speech, followed by Dunxin Hu’s introduction of the meeting. Dongliang Yuan delivered a summary of the NPOCE progress since last SSC meeting at Lijiang, China in July 2013. 

Members of the NPOCE SSC each presented their work in the last year, including field experiments and analysis/theoretical studies. Two invited scientists Janet Sprintall and Michael McPhaden gave talks with the titles of “Introduction to the Year of the Maritime Continent (YMC) program” and “Who killed 2014 El Nino”, respectively. 

In a closed meeting of the NPOCE SSC in the morning of August 19, members discussed important issues, including coordination of future field experiments, membership, preparation of the 2nd OSS meeting, and on data sharing policies within NPOCE. And in the afternoon, an academic communication meeting invited two NPOCE SSC members (Stephen Riser and Dongliang Yuan) to deliver the training speeches. At the meanwhile, three Indonesian scientists demonstrated their research work through relevant programs. 

This meeting reiterates the original NPOCE field experiment design in the northwestern Pacific, emphasizes the responsibility of each party, and underlines the inter-comparison with observations and data sharing, successfully promoting the development of NPOCE.  

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