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Interviews with "Seamount Expedition"
Author: Translated by CHEN Meiqi&LIU Jichao
ArticleSource: International Office
Update time: 2015-01-28
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R/V Kexue set sail from Xiamen Harbour on a new expedition to the western Pacific Seamount on January 10th and was expected to travel 6,000 nautical miles and return in mid-February.  

Prof. SUN Song, director of Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS), said that China is one of the countries suffering most frequent meteorological disasters of various types. This expedition will improve knowledge in China's climate and natural disasters by shedding light on the interaction between the ocean and China's off-shore waters. 

Orogeny that caused by plate movement also took place in the seabed. The research destination of this expedition is "Seamount", generally referring to the uplifts over 1000 meters high from the bottom of the ocean.  


"Deep-sea exploration, although a journey to the vast unknowns, may stimulate and promote scientific and technological progress and perhaps is even where the greatest significance of all mankind lies." LUO Qing, a geologist of this expedition said. 

As Prof. SUN said, the deep ocean, mysterious and pure, is a sacred place for human beings to learn about nature and get scientific breakthroughs.   

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