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"Spring of China's Ocean Research"
Author: Translated by CHEN Meiqi and LIU Jichao
ArticleSource: International Cooperation Office
Update time: 2015-02-04
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R/V Kexue(which means science in Chinese)

Today is “the Beginning of Spring” in China’s Lunar Calendar, which means the beginning of a new circle of seasons and the Spring Festival, beginning of a new year in China’s lunar calendar, is about to come. Spring Festival is the most important festival for every Chinese and family and people will all come home and embrace family reunions. 

So will the crew on board R/V Kexue. 

BAI Chunli, president of CAS and SUN Song, director of IOCAS on the handover ceremony of R/V Kexue 

Put into commission in April of 2014, R/V Kexue, operated by Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(IOCAS) is the most sophisticated ocean research vessel in China, which is reputed as “Mobile Laboratory in Ocean”. With a gross tonnage of 4,711, Kexue is 99.8 meters long and 17.8 meters wide. With a cruising capacity of 15,000 nautical miles and a top speed of 15 knots, it can travel with a crew of 80 for 60 days(Note: 1 knot = 1 nautical miles / hour = 1.852 km / h). 

Humans used to feel powerless and frustrated at oceans and Columbus started the Age of Discovery. Now, the vast majority of the world's maritime countries, with capability and without exception, have been involved in deep-sea exploration. Extreme deep-sea environment, ecosystem and minerals, etc., are natural treasures for mankind. With remote-operating vehicles that are able to dive down to 4500 meters deep, R/V Kexue has found deep-sea hydrothermal vents located in 1000 meters deep in the previous scientific expedition. 

LU Yongxiang, former vice-chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and president of CAS, accompanied by SUN Song, director of IOCAS, visits R/V Kexue

The Captain SUI Yiyong said, with 74 people on board, the vessel was expected to travel 6,000 nautical miles and return in mid-February.  

Today is “the Beginning of Spring” and the Spring Festival is coming soon. With the rapid development of China’s academic research, we will also embrace the “Spring of Ocean Research” with China’s most advanced and sophisticated R/V Kexue. 

Bon voyage! 

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