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Scholar of IOCAS Was Requested To Be the Co-chairman of the 35th Pakistan International Congress Of Zoology
Update time: 2015-03-30
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Assistant professor ZHANG Hui was invited to participate in the 35th PAKISTAN CONGRESS OF ZOOLOGY (INTERNATIONAL) by Prof. Pirzada Jamal A. Siddiqui, who is the director of the Centre of the Excellence of Marine biology, University of Karachi. Then he accepted the invitation and had been in Karachi from Mar. 1st to Mar. 5th. During that time, besides the participation in the congress, he had communication with many marine scientists, visited institutes/centers of marine biology and did a lot of survey at the harbor of Karachi.

After arriving at University of Karachi at noon, Dr. Zhang attended the ceremony of the congress and delivered a plenary lecture entitled “Genetic Study of Marine Rockfish, Sebastes Schlegelii”. The scholars have great interest in his lecture and he was requested to be the co-chairman during the academic session. After participating in presentations mainly on marine biology, Dr. Zhang visited several labs in the Centre of the Excellence of Marine biology, University of Karachi and Centre of Zoology Research, University of Karachi. 


With surveys at the harbor of Karachi and communication with other scholars, he  had a preliminary understanding of the fisheries in Pakistan and classified some fish species with the hope to cooperate with each other in future. This congress is of signifacant importance for the cooperation on marine biodiversity between IOCAS and marine institutes in Pakistan. 

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