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Scholar of IOCAS Conducted Collaborative Research with Hokkaido University
Update time: 2015-04-27
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At the invitation of Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, Hokkaido University, associate professor SHAN Tifeng conducted a collaborative research project with Prof. Yotsukura in Hokkaido University from November 2014 to March 2015. The theme of the cooperation was to track the origin of genetic diversity of Chinese kelp. Prof. Yotsukura has been focusing on phylogeny of kelp species and varieties in Japan in recent years; however, no ideal molecular markers have been found to discriminate the different closely related Saccharina varieties in Hokkaido. So one of the purposes of this project is to find suitable molecular markers to solve this problem. He is also interested in the genetic relationship between Chinese and Japanese kelp, coincidentally in common with us. 

Thus this collaboration is invaluable for both sides. During Mr. Shan’s stay in Japan, he analyzed the genetic diversity of Saccharina species from Hokkaido and China using both methods of DNA sequencing and microsatellite fragment analysis and compared the genetic relationship between them. The preliminary result showed microsatellite was much more robust in discriminating closely related varieties. In addition, he systematically investigated the natural distribution of Saccharina in Hokkaido, knowing their differences in morphology, distribution areas and economic values. Mr. Shan also visited the seedling production center for Saccharina, learning its art and technique and the cultivation condition in Hokkaido.

Because the visit period was short, the whole microsatellite analysis has not yet been finished, which is going to be continued after he come back to China. It is anticipated the results will be published in international journal on phycology in the name of both sides. In conclusion, the expected purpose of this project was fulfilled. The achievement of this visit will be helpful in the exploration and improvement of kelp stock resources, thus accelerating the development of Chinese kelp cultivation. Moreover, this collaboration promoted the understanding and trust of each other, laying a good foundation for the further collaboration.

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