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The 8th International Symposium on Marine Sciences of Yellow Sea and East China Sea held in Qingdao
Author: Logan LIU
Update time: 2015-05-15
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The 8th International Symposium on the Marine Sciences of the Yellow Sea and East China Sea—ISMY 8 was held from May 12th to 13th in Qingdao. Prof. WANG Fan, party secretary of IOCAS, delivered a welcome speech on the opening ceremony.

The symposium covers various fields of marine sciences, including marine biology, marine ecology, marine geology, physical oceanography, marine chemistry, as well as marine environmental protection in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea and the neighboring waters. There are total 24 oral reports, more than 60 registered participants, among which are Prof. Hong Gi Hoon, director of KIOST, Prof. CHOI Joong KI, director of ISYSR(International Society of Yellow Sea Research) and Prof. XIANG Jianhai, etc. 

The conference decides that ISYSR was renamed ISYES(International Society of Yellow Sea and East China Sea Research), with Prof. SUN Song elected the President. The 9th Symposium will be held in Cheju, Korea, with Prof. Sun the Chinese President of the conference. 

Through this conference, the scientists will better carry out international academic exchanges and cooperation, improve China’s status in oceanographic study in the world, meet the demand of social and economic development and make greater contributions to the national economy construction. 

Delegates of Korea visited the Laboratory of Marine Organism Taxonomy and Phylogeny, Germplasm repository, Breeding Laboratory of sea cucumber and algae after the conference.

The symposium was co-launched by academician QIN Yunshan, former director of Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. LEE Yong Chul, former director of Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Inha University. It represents the highest level of academic conference in marine sciences of the Yellow Sea and East China Sea. 

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