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Academician Qin Yunshan profile
Update time: 2015-11-23
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Academician Qin Yunshan profile

Yunshan Qin was born in LaizhouShandong province, in 1933. He was a member of the Communist Party. He was elected as a Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Member in 1995. He was a professor and doctoral supervisor of Institute of Oceanology. He was the sixth and seventh chairman and honorary chairman of Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology. He was the members of the ninth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee and the tenth National People's Congress, Shandong province fifth party representatives of the communist party of China and Qingdao fifth congress of CPC. He was the chairman of the China Ocean Research Council, the president of the international Association on Yellow Sea Research, and vice president of the coastline branch in Asia-Pacific region of the international Quaternary committee. He acted as the fourth secretary of the Party Committee of Institute of Oceanology, CAS, and the fourth and fifth director of Institute of Oceanology, CAS.

He was an excellent marine geologist and one of the pioneers and contributors in marine sedimentation research in China. He made significant contributions to the establishment and development of Chinese marine geological science. He had been engaged in the research on continental sedimentation for nearly 60 years and systematically investigated the sediment composition, source and distribution on the Chinese continental shelf. He firstly revealed the overall spatial distribution pattern of surface sediments on the Chinese continental shelf and found two distinct types of inner shelf and outer shelf deposits with different age and origin. Afterwards, he proposed and established the general model of sedimentation on the Chinese continental shelf and reported the first complete distribution map of surface sediments types in Chinese marginal seas. He leaded the initial research in sea-level change and its influence on marine sedimentation in the Chinese continental shelf regions and proposed four evolutional stages of Chinese continental shelf through the geological time. He studied the transport and diffusion of fine-grained sediments in the Chinese marginal seas. For example, he detailed discussed the influence range and intensity of Yellow River derived-sediments in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. He demonstrated the eolian origin of glacial sediments in the South Yellow sea. He also firstly found and studied the eolian origin of loess-like terrigenous sediments in the west Philippine Sea. In addition, he started the research on the turbidite sedimentation and volcanic activity in the Okinawa Trough, which became the milestone for the later studies on sedimentation in this area. His research interests also included submarine geological hazards, engineering geology and seafloor ancient channels, and buried sand dunes, which provided scientific basis for the selection of offshore oil platform. In recent years, he paid close attention to national strategic needs and provided brief counseling and scientific basis for our country’s delimitation of continental shelf. Mr. Qin was engaged in marine science and education in 60 years and published 70 papers and many books such as “Geology of the Bohai Sea”, “Geology of the East China sea”, and “Geology of the Yellow sea”. Mr. Qin won many honors and prizes in his research study. He gained National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, the state economic commission professional grand awards of science and technology, and the national science grand awards. He gained many awards of the Chinese Academy of Sciences such as major Science and Technology Award, Science and Technology Progress Award, and Natural Sciences Award. He also obtained grand awards of Science and Technology of Shandong province and the state oceanic administration innovation achievement.

Mr. Qin was strict to cultivate his morality. He held the concepts of science and technology serving the country, being innovative for the people in his life. He was rigorous style of study, constantly seeking scientific truth, and having the courage to practice. Mr. Qin was strict to his power and keen on reform and bravely took responsibilities. Mr. Qin disciplined himself, united fellows, guided and helped young scientists during all of his life. He loved the party, patriotic, and loved the people. He dedicated his life to marine science and he is worthy of the learning model of the scientific and technical researcher.

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