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Prof. Sun Song Headed a Delegation to US SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography
Update time: 2016-04-07
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Recently, Director Sun Song and the group form IOCAS visited SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego at the invitation of the Institute Director Margaret Leinen. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement, on overall cooperation in areas of common interests, to promote the development of the two sides in the field of ocean and earth science.

During the visit, based on the retrospect of the corporation history between IOCAS and SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography, Director Sun Song described in details in IOCAS discipline layout, personnel structure, research projects, capacity building, international cooperation and propaganda and education, etc. Members of the delegation made reporting and communicated of the research progress on ocean, deep sea and offshore and climate by IOCAS.

Subsequently, the SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography research unit responsible person invited the delegation to visit the various research units, with the description and discussion on the research progress in the field of  ocean and climate and marine ecosystem long-term observation, marine biotechnology, marine ecology, coral reef ecosystems, the West Pacific Ocean circulation, ocean chemical etc. to the delegation.

Through this visit, the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and discussion on the basis of scientific and applied research and other common areas of interests,which laid a very important foundation for further cooperation research in the framework of the agreement.

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