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The Goldschmidt Conferences 2016
Update time: 2016-08-05
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The Goldschmidt Conferences™ was started by the international Geochemical Society to provide a forum for its members to discuss their latest research. Each year, the conference brings together thousands of scientists from throughout the world to talk about subjects including the origin of the Earth and planets, the chemical processes that have shaped Earth's evolution over time, the interconnections between life and the physical world, the search for new resources, and the environmental challenges facing today's world.

To broaden our horizons to study the new methodsand take this opportunity to show our the latest research results. The scientists from IOCAS have taken part in the Goldschmidt 2016 in the Yokohama, Japan on 26th June to the 1st of July. They displayed our results in the form of oral presentation and poster, and discussed with relevant scholars. During this conference, Anchun Li gave an Oral report about Sediment composition and distribution characteristics of the East China Sea shelf .Jiang Dong gave a poster entitled with "Heavy Mineral Assemblages in Core EC2005 in the Inner Shelf of East China Sea and their Significance of Provenance". Dong introduced the new found on the provenance of the inner shelf of the East China Sea since the last deglacial, and discussed the formation mechanism of the sediment since 17.3 Ka BP. Some scientists are very interested in the research and asked a limited number of questions need to discuss in the near future. During the poster exhibition, many scholars have made constructive suggestions to Dr Kaidi Zhang. Such as, the sediments transport directions near the Fujian and Zhejiang coast maybe from southwest to northeast in the role of cross-shelf penetrating fronts. Also the materials from atmosphere should be put into considered. Yuanyuan Xiao demonstrated the effects of the large-scale fluid flow on the subduction-zone metamorphism (SZM) of ocean lithosphere as well as the contribution to arc geochemical signatures, which attracted lots of attention by other attendees. Saren Gaowa, Wenri Cao, Mingyu Jiang research assistant showed the recent research results on branch for the first time, Expert’s advice is of great help to our study now, opened the new train of thought for our next research. Meanwhile, we also studied in sedimentology, mineralogy, Palaeoclimatology, paleoceanography, geochemistry and so on through the oral talks and the posters.

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