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Tenth cross strait materials corrosion and Protection Seminar
Update time: 2016-12-01
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"Tenth cross strait materials corrosion and Protection Seminar" was held in Taiwan in October 30, May, 2016. The conference is sponsored by the National Taiwan University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of marine science is one of the CO units. Participating units are as many as 61. Cross strait materials corrosion and Protection Seminar has been held for nine times before, there are many enthusiastic scholars experts participating in this meeting to support the Cross-Strait Academic.

A group of 8 Scholars in total attend this meeting. Academician Hou Baorong was invited as the experts for this meeting, as the judger, to select the outstanding young scholars. Researcher Zhang Dun was as one of the members of the academic committee of the general assembly. Assistant experimentalist Sun Yan had oral report with the title "cross strait youth forum for corrosion and protection", and won the "2016 annual permanent memory selection steel cup cross strait Youth Forum and the corrosion and protection of the excellent awards". Researcher Zhang Dun and other 7 persons carried out the reports and the detail was shown in the following table. During the meeting, all the participants get attention and in-depth discussion with the others scholars. And also have some communications with the Taiwan light Polytron Technologies Inc Yu in the field of design of cathodic protection and sacrificial anode, and reached a cooperation intention in the future.




Report Title


Dun Zhang


Corrosion of carbon steel under the combined action of Desulfovibrio sp. and Pseudoalteromonas sp. in natural seawater


Zhang Jie


The interaction between fouling organisms and the calcareous deposit


Zhu Qingjun

Senior Engineer

Development & Corrosion properties of cold spray Zn-25Al coating


Ma Xiumin

Deputy researcher

New progress in the study of light induced cathodic protection materials


Zhao Xia

Associate researcher

MoS2 /epoxy composite coating and its anticorrosion performance on carbon steel


Li Hongling


Evaluation technologies for corrosion behavior of carbon steel in marine environment


Sun Yan

Associate Experimentalist

Research on Corrosion and Fouling Microorganisms on Q235 Steel of Different Corrosion Zones in San Ya Sea Area

During the meeting, a group of 8 people were invited to visit Taiwan steel company, Donghua University and other universities and companies. Introduced the research direction to each other, corrosion and material issues. And then visit the materials evaluation laboratory, communicate the experimental equipment in the study of corrosion protection materials in detail. The corrosion situation of the metal structures in the tropical coastal waters was also investigated.

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