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Distinguished Academician
Update time: 2009-09-22
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Tong Dizhou (TC Tung) (Elected 1954-1979)
Late Academician of CAS. Biologist, educator, and one of the founding members of Chinese experimental embryology. He contributed greatly to the establishment and development of Chinese animal embryology.
Zeng Chengkui (CK Tseng) (Elected 1980—2005)
Late Academician of the CAS. Marine biologist, and the founder of phycology in China. He made great contributions to seaweed culture and phycological chemo-industry in China.
Mao Hanli (Elected 1980—1988),
Late Academician of CAS, Physical oceanographer and one of the founders of physical oceanography in China.
Qin Yunshan (Elected since 1995)
Academician of CAS. Marine geologist and one of the pioneers and contributors in marine sedimentation research in China.
Liu Ruiyu(Elected 1997—2012)
Academician of the CAS. Marine biologist and one of the founders of marine benthic ecology in China. As a pioneer of carcinology, he contributed greatly to marine biology and aquaculture in China.
Zhang Fusui (Elected 1999)
Academician of CAE. Marine biologist, one of the main co-founders of Chinese shellfish mariculture R&D. He successfully introduced the North American Bay Scallop into China and formed the world’s largest shellfish aquaculture industry.
Zheng Shouyi (Elected since 2001)
Academician of CAS. Marine biologist, one of the founders of marine protozoology in China, marine foraminifera specialist. She established the taxonomy and ecology of modern foraminifera in China
Hu Dunxin (Elected since 2001)
Academician of CAS. Physical oceanographer, one of the founders in China in ocean flux, ocean—atmosphere and ocean—continent interaction researches, the discoverer of the Pacific Mindanao Undercurrent and the South China Sea Cold Eddy.

Hou Baorong (Elected 2003)
Academician of CAE, marine chemist, pioneer of research into marine metal corrosion and corrosion environment in China. He has contributed greatly to the marine corrosion and protection in China.


Mu Mu (Elected 2007)
Academician of CAS. Atmospheric physicist. His research interests are Predictability of weather and climate; Data assimilation , ensemble prediction and adaptive observation ; Nonlinear stability and instability problems in geophysical fluid dynamics.






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