Faculty and Staff
Title: Associate Professor
Research Field: Fish immunology
Department: Center of Deep Sea Research
Tel/Fax: +86 0532 82898779

Dr. Zhou received her B.S. in 2010 in Biology Science from Ocean University of China, M.S. in 2014 in Probability and Statistics from the Auburn University and Ph.D in 2015 in Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture from the Auburn University, USA. She did research in water science, environmental science and aquaculture during her Ph.D. study. Her recent research has focused on deep sea ecology mainly on adaptive strategies of deep-sea animals to their hostile environments.

· Ph.D., Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture, Auburn University, USA
· M.S., Probability and Statistics, Auburn University, USA
· B.S., Marine Biology, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China

Research Interests
Adaptive strategies of deep-sea animals to their hostile environments.

Honors and Awards
Excellent Young Scholars Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Selected Publications
1. Zhou, L., Cao, L., Wang, X., Wang, M., Wang, H., Zhong, Z., Xu, Z., Chen, H., Li, L., Li, M., Wang, H., Zhang, H., Lian, C., Sun, Y., Li, C., 2020. Metal adaptation strategies of deep-sea Bathymodiolus mussels from a cold seep and three hydrothermal vents in the West Pacific. Science of the Total Environment 707, 136046.
2. Chen, H., Wang, M., Zhang, H., Wang, H., Zhao, L., Zhou, L., Zhong, Z., Lian, C., Cao, L., Li, C., 2019. An LRR-domain containing protein identified in Bathymodiolus platifrons serves as intracellular recognition receptor for the endosymbiotic methane-oxidation bacteria. Fish Shellfish Immunol 93, 354-360.
3. Sun, Y., Wang, M., Li, L., Zhou, L., Wang, X., Zheng, P., Yu, H., Li, C., Sun, S., 2017. Molecular identification of methane monooxygenase and quantitative analysis of methanotrophic endosymbionts under laboratory maintenance in Bathymodiolus platifrons from the South China Sea. Peerj 5.
4. Wang, X., Li, C., Zhou, L., 2017. Metal concentrations in the mussel Bathymodiolus platifrons from a cold seep in the South China Sea. Deep-Sea Research Part I-Oceanographic Research Papers 129, 80-88.
5. Zhang, H., Wang, H., Chen, H., Sun, Q., Zhong, Z., Wang, M., Cao, L., Lian C., Zhou, L., Li. C., 2020. Nitrincola iocasae sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from the sediment collected at a cold seep field in South China Sea. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology .
6. Li, M., Chen, H., Wang, M., Zhong, Z., Zhou, L., Li, C., 2020. Identification and characterization of endosymbiosis-related immune genes in deep sea mussels Gigantidas platifrons. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology.