Faculty and Staff
SUN Zhongmin
Title: Associate Professor
Research Field: Taxonomy of Macro-Algae
Department: Department of Marine Organism Taxonomy & Phylogeny
Tel/Fax: 0532-82863656
More: Department of Marine Organism Taxonomy and Phylogeny, IOCAS

Fisheries College, Jimei University, from 1996, and graduated on July 2000 with the degree of Fisheries Science.
Japanese Center, Tokai University, from 2000, and graduated on August 2001.
Graduate of Fisheries Science, Tokyo University of Fisheries, from 2003, and obtained a Master of Science, March 2005.
Graduate School of Marine Science and Techonolgy, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Techonolgy, from 2005, and obtained a Doctor of Marine Science, March 2008.


Professional Memberships
Assistant Technical Reseacher at the Kobe University 2008-2011.
Associate Professor at the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Acadamy of Sciences 2011-


Research Interests
Biodiversity study of marine macroalgae, including taxonomy, molecular phylogeny, biogeography, life history. My research is focusing on the biodiversity and conservation of marine algae occurring in the in the western Pacific in recent years.


Selected Publications
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