Faculty and Staff
DUAN Jizhou
Title: researcher
Research Field: Marine corrosion and protection
Department: Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Corrosion and Bio-fouling
Tel/Fax: 0532-82898851 / 0532-82880498

2012/12-Now,Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Researcher
2010/04-2012.12,Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Assiociate Researcher, Ph.D. Assistant Supervisor
2009/09-2010.03, University of Hong Kong, Visiting Scholar
2008/04-Now,Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Director
2007/07-Now,Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Assiociate Researcher, Ph.D. Assistant Supervisor
2006.03-2007/06, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Assistant, Supervisor of Postgraduate
2003/11-2004/05,Tokyo Insitute of Technology, Japan, Visiting Scholar
1995/09-1997/07,Shandong Linqing City Occuption Technical Secondary School, Teacher


2000/09-2003/07, Doctor. Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
1997/09-2000/07, Master, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
1991/09-1995/07, Bachelor, Shandong Normal University, China.


Professional Memberships
2011/01.01-Now, Marine Corrosion and Fouling Professional Committee of China Marine Lacustrine Bog Institute, Secretary-general
2009/01.01-Now, American Association of Corrosion Engineers, Members
2009/01.01-Now, International Standards Committee and Electrochemical Measurement Techniques on Coating Protection Committee, China Expert Committee
2008/01.01-Now, International Commission on Electrochemical, Committee Member
2006/01.01-2014/12.31, Institute of Corrosion and Protection Council, Director in Qingdao City of Shandong Province


Research Interests
It is mainly to carry out research work on the application basis and protection technology of marine corrosion and biofouling.The sulfate-reducing bacteria were found and screened from the marine steel rust layer, and the electro-active corrosion mechanism of the microorganism was proposed. The electron transfer measurement technology of the microbial-conductor material was established, and direct evidence was proved that the sulfate-reducing bacteria can be polarized. The graphite electrode acquires electrons and produces an electric current.Furthermore, the electron transfer process between the natural seawater biofilm and the conductor material was found. Through the above research, a new microbial corrosion mechanism was proposed.Conducted research on biofouling of a large number of natural and man-made facilities in coastal power plants, coastal facilities, etc., and carried out research on antifouling antifouling technology and advanced antifouling materials technology. Antifouling coating technology was demonstrated in the relevant power plants of CGNPC.


Honors and Awards
1. Chinese academy of sciences wang kuancheng education foundation scholarship project of an international conference, hospital level, 2011
2. Regular of the corrosion rate of sulfate reducing bacteria in the Marine environment research, second prize, national level, 2011
3. Mechanism of the anaerobic sulfate-reducing bacteria corrosion in marine environment, the second prize, city level, 2011
4. Ocean innovation prize, second prize, the national level, 2008
5. Qingdao science papers won third prize, third prize of the provincial level, 2006
6. The eighth Qingdao natural science prize of excellent academic papers won third prize, third prize, the provincial level, 2005
7. The 34 Chinese postdoctoral grants third prize, third prize, institute (school), 2003
8. National scientific and technological progress second prize, second prize, the national level, 2002

Selected Publications

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