Faculty and Staff
YIN Xuebo
Title: Senior Engineer
Research Field: Marine Geochemistry
Department: Key Laboratory of Marine Geology & Environment
Tel/Fax: 0532-82898549
2005.7–2008.8 Research Assistant, Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment, IOCAS
2008.9 –present, Engineer, Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment , IOCAS
Ph.D., 2010.9-2013.6, College of Marine Geosciences , Ocean University of China
M.S., 2002.9-2005.6, Institute of Oceanology , Chinese Academy of Sciences.
B.S. ,1996.9-2000.6,College of Resources and Environment,Chang’an University.
Research Interests
Marine geology, Analysis and testing technology for Marine Geochemistry, such as:
1. Determination of Trace-elements and Ultratrace-elements in Geological samples (e.g., Sediment, Rock, Seawater, and Sulphides).
2. Researching the function of ICP-MS and other Method of Testing technology (e.g., direct injection technology for determination of As,Hg.etc in Seawater,and Digesting technology for determination using the anticorrosive efficient digestion Vessel).
Honors and Awards
Annual Outstanding individual of Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008.
Selected Publications
1.Yin,X.B.,Li,S.Z.,Zeng,Z.G.,WU,L,Wang,,2011. Determination of trace elements in sulfide samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry,V39(8):1228-1232.(SCI)
2. Yin,X.B., Wang,X.Y.Li,S.Z.,Zeng,Z.G.,,2013. Determination of Li,Rb,B and Sr in seawater by ICP-MS. Marine Sciences. 37(10):86-89.
3. Wang,X.Y Yin,X.B.,.,Zeng,Z.G.,,2014. High Efficiency Determination of Trace Elements in the Geological Samples. Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society.35(1):34-31.(EI)
4. Yin,X.B., Zeng,Z.G., Liu,C.H., Wang,X.Y.2007. The Determined Age og The U-Series Carbonae Reference Materials. Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology. 6:60,70.
5. Yin,X.B., Zeng,Z.G., Li,S.Z., Wang,X.Y.2012. Anti-corrosion high-pressure reaction kettle. The Utility Model Patent.Patent No:Zl201220043719.X. Authorization date:2012.9.19.
6. Yin,X.B., Zeng,Z.G., Li,S.Z., Wang,X.Y.2013. An anticorrosive efficient digestion Vessel for quickly operation. The Utility Model Patent.Patent No: ZL201210469949.7. Authorization date:2013.8.14.