Faculty and Staff
MA Xiaochuan
Title: Associate professor
Research Field: marine geology, geomorphology, sediment transport, storm records
Department: Key Laboratory of Marine Geology & Environment
Tel/Fax: 053282898669

I am now an associate professor in the key lab of marine geology and environment, CAS. I got my doctor degree in 2013 at Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the last ten years, my research interests are mainly on sediment transport processes and related bedform reacts which span multiple levels of focus, from site observation of modern sediment transport processes, to building models of regional sand transport, to bedform evolution and historical records of sediment under sea level changes. I am also highly interested and involved in cross researches bridging climate, hydrodynamics, bedform, and sedimentary record. In my researches, a comprehensive set of techniques can be used, including sediment dynamics measurement, geophysical detection, sediment sampling and analysis, model simulation. I have lots of experiences of outdoor sampling and have conducted several voyage surveys. I am also interested in the storm-records studies using sediment cores from blue hole or coast area. In 2018-2019, I visited Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as a guest investigator and work on hurricane reconstruction with senior scientist Jeffrey Donnelly.


2013: Ph.D. Marine Geology, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (successive postgraduate and doctoral programs )
2008: B.S. Resource exploration and engineering, China University of Geosciences, Beijing


Professional Memberships
Member, IAEG Commission of Marine Engineering Geology (C34)


Research Interests
Characters and origins of distinguished features on the seafloor (e.g. sand dunes/ridges, seamounts) and their similarity and differences with the analogues in the terrestrial or other planetary environment (e.g. mountains, dunes on land, dunes and TARs on Mars).
Topography of seafloor, seabed processes, and modern sediment transport processes from nearshore to deep sea area.
Seabed and sediment transport responses to storms and sea-level fluctuations in the modern times and Holocene.
Nearshore and offshore seafloor digital mapping using high-resolution subbottom profiler and swath bathymetric sonar system.
Storm reconstruction using cores from blue hole and coast area.


Selected Publications
1. Ma, X., Yan, J., Song, Y., Liu, X., Zhang, J., Traykovski, P. A., 2019, Morphology and maintenance of steep dunes near dune asymmetry transitional areas on the shallow shelf (Beibu Gulf, northwest South China Sea). Marine Geology, 412, 37-52.
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