Faculty and Staff
CHEN Shuai
Title: Associate professor
Research Field: Marine geology
Department: Key Laboratory of Marine Geology & Environment
Tel/Fax: +86 15563996856

2019 – present, Institute of Oceanology, CAS, Associate professor
2012 – 2018, Institute of Oceanology, CAS, Assistant researcher
2011 – 2012, Institute of Oceanology, CAS, Research assistant


Ph.D. 2011. Graduate University of CAS
B.Sc. 2006. Ocean University of China


Research Interests
Seabed solid mineral resources (nodules, crusts, sulfides), hydrothermal alteration, seamounts and ridges


Selected Publications
1. Shuai Chen*, Zhigang Zeng, Xiaoyuan Wang*, Xuebo Yin, Bowen Zhu, Kun Guo, Xin Huang, The Geochemistry and Bioturbation of Clay Sediments Associated with Amalgamated Crusts at the Gagua Ridge, Minerals, 2019, 9: 177;
2. Shuai Chen*, Xuebo Yin, Xiaoyuan Wang, Xin Huang, Yao Ma, Kun Guo, Zhigang Zeng, The geochemistry and formation of ferromanganese oxides on the eastern flank of the Gagua Ridge, Ore Geology Reviews, 2018, 95: 118-130.
3. Xin Huang*, Shuai Chen, Zhigang Zeng, Xiaoqiang Pu, Qinghua Hou, Characteristics of hydrocarbons in sediment core samples from the northern Okinawa Trough, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2017, 115: 507-514.
4. Zhigang Zeng*, Shuai Chen, Yao Ma, Xuebo Yin, Xiaoyuan Wang, Suping Zhang, Junlong Zhang, Xuwen Wu, Yang Li, Dong Dong, Ning Xiao, Chemical compositions of mussels and clams from the Tangyin and Yonaguni Knoll IV hydrothermal fields in the southwestern Okinawa Trough, Ore Geology Reviews, 87(2017), 172-191.
5. Zeng, Z.G.*, Chen, S., Selby, D., Yin, X.B., Wang, X.Y., Rhenium-osmium abundance and isotopic compositions of massive sulfides from modern deep-sea hydrothermal systems: Implications for vent associated ore forming processes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 396(2014), 223-234.
6. Shuai Chen*, XiaoYuan Wang*, XueBo Yin, GuoLiang Zhang, Genesis of anhydrite in hydrothermally altered basalt from the East Pacific Rise near 13°N, Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 2013, 32(2): 12-17.