Faculty and Staff
ZHANG Linlin
Title: Professor
Research Field: EvoDevoGenomics; Marine Adaptation; Aquaculture Resource Development
Department: Key Laboratory of Experimental Marine Biology
Tel/Fax: 86-532-82896651

I have been trained as evolutionary biologist with emphasis on molecular genetics and genomics skills. My graduate study with Dr. Guofan Zhang at Chinese Academy of Sciences focused on using comparative genomics, transcriptomics and molecular biology techniques to study stress response adaptation in oysters. During my postdoc training with Dr. Robert Reed in Cornell University, I have developed efficient CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in butterflies and used CRISPR to study developmental genetics basis of butterfly color pattern evolution. I have also applied epigenomics techniques to study cis-regulatory evolution in butterflies. I then continued my journey in Evo-Devo field and shift my focus back to marine organisms. I did second postdoc with Dr. Elaine Seaver at University of Florida Whitney lab studying regeneration in Annelid. I am now a principal investigator in Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My lab is engaged in research at the intersection of biological oceanography and EvoDevo. We combine field (marine), laboratory and computational studies to investigate the evolution, ecology, function of marine biodiversity and are motivated by basic research questions related to marine adaptation.


Professional Appointments
2019-present, Principal Investigator, Institute of Oceanology, CAS
2017-2018,  Postdoc, University of Florida, The Whitney laboratory
2014-2017,  Postdoc, Cornell University, Department of Ecology and Evolutional Biology
2012-2013,  Assistant Research Associate, Institute of Oceanology, CAS


2007- 2012,  Ph.D. Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2003- 2007,  B.Sc. Ocean University of China


Professional Memberships
Council Member, Chinese Society of Molluscs


Research Interests
EvoDevo; Marine biodiversity; Comparative Functional genomics; Genome editing; Gene regulation; Adaptive evolution; Aquaculture Resource Development;


Honors and Awards
Fusui Zhang Molluscan Award for young scholar, 2019
Second Prize of Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress, 4/5, 2017
Cozzarelli Prize, 2017 (one of the six papers published on PNAS, 2017)


Selected Publications
1.  Zhang, L., Mazo-Vargas, A. & Reed R.* (2017). A single master regulatory gene coordinates the evolution and development of butterfly color and iridescence. Proceedings of the National Academy of the USA, 114(40):10707-12. PNAS (Cover Story)
Media coverage: New York Times, Nature, The atlantic, The Washington Post
2.  Zhang, L.*, Martin, A., Perry, M., van der Burg, K., Matsuoka, Y., Monteiro A.* & Reed R.* (2017). Genetic Basis of melanin pigmentation in butterfly wings. Genetics, 205(4):1537-1550.  (Cover story)
3. Huang, B.#, Zhang, L.#, Du, Y., Xu, F., Li, L.* & Zhang, G.* (2017). Characterization of the mollusc RIG-I/MAVS pathway reveals an archaic antiviral signaling framework in invertebrates. Scientific reports, 7:8217.  (# co-first author)
4. Zhang, L. & Reed R.D.* (2016). Genome editing in butterflies reveals that spalt promotes and Distal-less represses eyespot colour patterns. Nature Communications, 7, 11769. Ncomms
Media coverage: Science News, Science Daily, EurkAlt, Newswise,, Health Medicinet, Cornell Chronicle,, NU
5.  Huang, B.#, Zhang, L.#, Tang, X., Zhang, G., & Li, L.* (2016). Genome-wide analysis of alternative splicing provides insights into stress adaptation of the Pacific oyster. Marine Biotechnology, 18(5):598-609.  (# co-first author)
6. Zhang, L., Li, L., Guo, X.*, Litman, G. W.*, Dishaw, L. J., & Zhang, G.* (2015). Massive expansion and functional divergence of innate immune genes in a protostome. Scientific Reports, 5, 8693. PubMed 100 topcited, 2015
7. Zhang, L., Li, L., Zhu, Y., Zhang, G.*, & Guo, X* (2014). Transcriptome analysis reveals a rich gene set related to innate immunity in the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica). Marine Biotechnology, 16(1),17-33. 
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