Faculty and Staff
CHEN Xiaolin
Title: Associate Professor
Research Field: Marine Chemistry
Department: Key Laboratory of Experimental Marine Biology
Tel/Fax: 86-532-82898702

2014.1-present, Associate Professor, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2012.8-2013.12, Assistant Professor, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2009.9-2012.7, Assistant Professor, Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Techonology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2007.9-2009.8, Postdoctor, Ocean University of China


Ph.D., 2007, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
M.S., 2004, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S., 2001, Shandong Normal University


Research Interests
Marine Chemistry, High value utilization of marine resources


Honors and Awards
The First Prize of the State Oceanic Administration Innovation Achievement (2007, No. 5)


Selected Publications
1. Xiaolin Chen, Lin Song, Hui Wang, Song Liu, Huahua Yu, Xueqin Wang, Rongfeng Li, Tianzhong Liu and Pengcheng Li, Partial characterization, the immine modulation and anticancer activities of sulfated polysaccharides from filamentous microalgae Tribonema sp. Molecules, 2019, 24, 322; doi:10.3390/molecules2420322.
2. Xiaolin Chen, Yuhao Sun, Hong Liu, Song Liu, Yukun Qin and Pengcheng Li, Advances in cultivation, wastewater treatment application, bioactive components of Caulerpa lentillifera and their biotechnological applications. PeerJ 7:e6118
3. Yuhao Sun, Xiaolin Chen*, Lili Zhang, Hong Liu, Song Liu, Huahua Yu, Xueqin Wang, Yukun Qin, Pengcheng Li*, The antiviral property of Sargassum fusiforme polysaccharide for avian leucosis virus subgroup J in vitro and in vivo. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2019, 138: 70-78.
4. Hong Liu, Xiaolin Chen*, Lin Song, Kecheng Li, Xiaoqian Zhang, Song Liu, Yukun Qin, Pengcheng Li*, Polysaccharides from Grateloupia filicina enhance tolerance of rice seeds(Oryza sativa L.) under salt stress. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2019,124: 1197-1204.
5. Sun Yuhao, Chen Xiaolin*, Cheng Ziqiang, Liu Song, Yu Huahua, Wang Xueqin and Li Pengcheng*, Antiviral activity against avian leucosis virus subgroup J of degraded polysaccharides from Ulva pertusa. BioMed Research International, Volume 2018, Article ID 9415965,
6. Sun Yuhao, Chen Xiaolin*, Liu Song, Yu Huahua, Li Rongfeng, Wang Xueqin, Qin Yukun, Li Pengcheng*, Preparation of low molecular weight Sargassum fusiforme polysaccharide and its anticoagulant activity. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2018, 36(3): 882-891.
7. Chen Xiaolin, Sun Yuhao, Hu Linfeng, Liu Song, Yu Huahua, Xing Ronge, Li Rongfeng, Wang Xueqin, Li Pengcheng, In vitro prebiotic effects of seaweed polysaccharides. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2018,36(3): 926-932.
8. Yuhao Sun, Xiaolin Chen*, Ziqiang Cheng, Song Liu, Huahua Yu, Xueqin Wang and Pengcheng Li*, Degradation of polysaccharides from Grateloupia filicina and their antiviral activity to avian leucosis virus subgroup J. Marine Drugs, 2017, 15(345): 1-17.
9. Lin Song, Xiaolin Chen*, Xiaodong Liu, Fubo Zhang, Linfeng Hu, Yang Yue, Kecheng Li, and Pengcheng Li*, Characterization and comparison of the structural features, immune-modulatory and anti-avian influenza virus activities conferred by three algal sulfated polysaccharides. Marine Drugs, 2016, 14(1): 4-21.
10. Xiaolin Chen, Linfeng, Hu, Ronge Xing, Song Liu, Huahua Yu, Yukun Qin, Kecheng Li, Rongfeng Li, Pengcheng Li, Ionic liquid assisted subcritical water promote the extraction of lipid from wet microalgae Scendesmus sp. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2015, 117(8): 1192-1198.
11. Xiaolin Chen, Tianzhong Liu, Qiang Wang, The growth of Scenedesmus sp. attachment on different materials surface. Microbial Cell Factories, 2014, 13: 142-147.
12. Xiaolin Chen, Cuiping Li, Xia Ji, Zhimei Zhong, Pengcheng Li, Recovery of protein from discharged wastewater during the production of chitin. Bioresource Technology, 2008, 99: 570-574.
13. Xiaolin Chen, Rong Chen, Zhanyong Guo, Cuiping Li, Pengcheng Li, The preparation and stability of the inclusion complex of astaxanthin with β-cyclodextrin. Food Chemistry, 2007, 1580-1584.
14. Xiaolin Chen, Cui Huang and Tianzhong Liu, Harvesting of microalgae Scenedesmus sp. Using polyvinylidene fluoride microfiltration membrane. Desalination and Water Treatment, 2012, 45: 177-181.
15. Cuihuang, Xiaolin Chen*, Tianzhong Liu, Zhaohui Yang, Yong Xiao, Guangming Zeng, Xiuxuan Sun, Harvesting of Chlorella sp. Using hollow fiber ultrafiltration. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2012, 19: 1416-1421.
16. Min Chen, Xiaolin Chen, Tianzhong Liu and Wei Zhang, subcritical ethanol extraction of lipid from wet microalgae paste of Nannochloropsis sp.. Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy, 2011, 5:1-5