Faculty and Staff
Title: Professor.
Research Field: Physical Oceanography
Department: Key Laboratory of Ocean Circulation and Waves
Tel/Fax: 0532-82898501

2017-present, Director of Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1999-present, Professor, Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2004, Visiting Scholar, The British National Marine Science Center
2000, Visiting Scholar, Texas A&M University
1995-1997, Post-Doctor, Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Ph. D., 1995, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China.
M. S., 1992, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China.
B. S., 1989, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China.


Professional Memberships
Vice-chair, Scientific Steering Committee, Northwestern Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (NPOCE)
Secretary general, Chinese Committee for LOICZ/JGOFS
Member, Committee on Physical Oceanography and Climate (POC), North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)
Member, Working Group 20: Evaluations of Climate Change, North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)


Research Interests
Ocean circulation dynamics, including the western boundary currents in the low-attitude Pacific, tropical ocean circulation, shelf circulations in the China Seas and mesoscale processes, etc.


Honors and Awards
He has been awarded “National Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker”, “National Leader in Scientific and Technological Innovation” , “Taishan Scholar in Shandong Province” and many other awards for his remarkable works.


Selected Publications
Refereed Papers
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