Faculty and Staff
Title: Associate professor
Research Field: Marin Biology
Department: Key Laboratory of Experimental Marine Biology
Tel/Fax: 86-532-82898575

2009 – present, Associate Professor, Experimental Marine Biology Key lab, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2005 – 2009, Assistant Professor, Experimental Marine Biology lab, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Ph.D., 2005.6, Institute of Oceanology, CAS. 
M. S., 2002. Wuhan Institute of Botany, CAS,  
B. S., 1999. Yantai Normal University,


Research Interests
Algal inorganic carbon utilization mechanism, algal genome and functional gene; seaweeds genetics and breeding, Algal phylogenetics and evolution,


Honors and Awards
1.  Awarded the second prize of Marine Science and technology by State Oceanic Administration” NO. HKJ2013-G-2-A28-01, as the first attendee
“The directional optimization of microalgae molecular identification, photosynthetic mechanism and its product”
2.  Awarded the first prize of Science and technology by Qingdao city People’s Government” NO. J2010-1-3-5, as the fifth attendee;
The Physiological mechanism and Application study of about Prophyra’s growth and development”


Selected Publications
1)Baoyu Zhang, Xiujun Xie, Xuehua Liu, linwen He, Yuanyuan Sun, Guangce Wang. The carbonate concentration mechanism of Pyropia yezoensis (Rhodophyta):evidence from transcriptomics and biochemical data. BMC Plant Biology. 2020. 20:424
2) Songcui Wu, Aiyou Huang, Baoyu Zhang, Li Huan, Peipei Zhao, Apeng Lin, Guangce Wang*. 2015. Enzyme activity highlights the importance of the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in lipid accumulation and growth of Phaeodactylum tricornutum under CO2 concentration. Biotechnology for Biofuels.8:78, DOI 10.1186/s13068-015-0262-7
3) Baoyu Zhang , Zhao Jun Hou, Guang Ce Wang *, Guang Peng 2015. Identification, characterization and quantitative analysis of NAD-malate dehydrogenase from the marine Rhodophyte Pyropia haitanensis. Botanica Marina.58(4): 285-293
4) Baoyu Zhang, Daling Zhu, Guangce Wang, Guang Peng. 2014. Characterization of the AOX gene and cyanide-resistant respiration in Pyropia haitanensis (Rhodophyta). Journal of Applied Phycology. 26:2425-2433
5) Baoyu Zhang Linwen He, Zhaojun Jia, Guangce Wang*. 2012. Characterization of the alternative oxidase gene in Porphyra yezoensis (Rhodophyta) and cyanide-resistant respiration analysis. J. Phycol., 48(3): 657-663
6) Baoyu Zhang, Fang Yang, Guangce Wang*.  2010. Cloning and quantitative analysis of the carbonic anhydrase gene from Porphyra yezoensis. J. Phycol., 46:290-296