Faculty and Staff
YANG Hongsheng
Title: Professor
Research Field: Marine Ecology
Department: Key Laboratory of Marine Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Tel/Fax: 86-532-82898610

Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Post-doc, 1996-1999
Professor, 1999-2003
Professor, Assistant Director, 2003-2011
Professor, Deputy Director, 2011-2016
Professor, Executive Deputy Director, 2017-present
SARDI, Australia
Senior Visiting Scholar, 2003.2-2003.8


-Ph.D., Aquaculture, July, 1996  
 Ocean University of China
-M. Sc., Hydrobiology, July, 1989 
Huazhong Agricultural University
-B. Sc., Aquaculture, July 1986  
 Huazhong Agricultural University


Professional Memberships
He has been Secretary General, Chairman of the Echinoderma Branch of the Ocean Lake Society of China,Director of the Natural Resources Society of China, and Director of the Culture Branch of the China Aquatic Society; Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Marine Science, Editorial Board of Korean Journal of Malacology, Editorial Board of Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, Editorial Board of Ecological Science, Editorial Board of Marine Science, as well as Editorial Board of Marine Aquatic Research.
Research Interests
-Biology and Ecology of sea cucumber
-Construction of marine ranching
- Habitat rehabilitation and resource conservation


Academic Achievements
He has published over 200 papers embodied by SCI journals including PloS Biology and Environmental Pollution etc., authorized more than 40 patents, published six books related to the sea cucumber and marine ranching including 《The sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus: history, biology and aquaculture》and 《Principles and Practice of Marine Ranching Construction, and presided over one national industry standard.
Honors and Awards
Yang was elected as “New Century Talents Project National candidate” and “Outstanding Contributed Young and Middle-aged Expert in Shandong Province” in 2009, “Taishan Scholar” in 2015, think tank expert of Shandong Province in 2016, and the deputy director/member of the advisory committee of experts on marine ranching construction of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2017.
First prize of Shandong Province Technical Invention Award (2011)
First prize of Shandong Province Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement (2014)
Chinese Academy of Sciences Promotion and Contribution Award by Science and Technology (2017)
Second prize of Shandong Province Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement (2012)
Second prize of State Oceanic Administration Marine Innovation Achievement Award (2006,2008)
Second prize of Chinese Academy of Sciences Promotion and Contribution Award by Science and Technology (2014)
First prize of Qingdao City Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement (2012)


Selected Publications
Yang H, Hamel J-F, & Mercier A. The sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus: history, biology and aquaculture. Academic Press, Elsevier, 2015.01, San Diego, USA.
Zhang Xiaojun#, Sun Lina#, Yuan Jianbo#, Sun Yamin Sun#, Gao Yi#, Zhang Libin#, Li Shihao#, Dai Hui, Hamel Jean-Francois Hamel, Liu Chengzhang, Yu Yang, Liu Shilin, Lin Wenchao, Guo Kaimin, Jin Songjun, Xu Peng, Storey Kenneth B., Huan Pin, Zhang Tao, Zhou Yi, Zhang Jiquan, Lin Chenggang, Li Xiaoni, Xing Lili, Huo Da, Sun Mingzhe, Wang Lei, Mercier Annie*, Li Fuhua*, Yang Hongsheng*, Xiang Jianhai*. 2017. The sea cucumber genome provides insights into morphological evolution and visceral regeneration. PLoS Biology. 15(10): e2003790.
DaHuo, Lina Sun*,Kenneth Storeye, Libin Zhang, Shilin Liu, Jingchun Sun, Hongsheng Yang*. 2020. The regulation mechanism of lncRNAs and mRNAs in sea cucumbers under global climate changes: Defense against thermal and hypoxic stresses. Science of the Total Environment, 2020, 709: 136045.
Mohamed Mohsen, Qing Wang, Libin Zhang, Lina Sun, Chenggang Lin, Hongsheng Yang*.2019. Microplastic ingestion by the farmed sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus in China[J]. Environmental pollution, 245: 1071-1078.
Mohamed Mohsen, Libin Zhang, Lina Sun, Chenggang Lin, Qing Wang, Hongsheng Yang*.2020.Microplastic fibers transfer from the water to the internal fluid of the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus. Environmental Pollution, 257: 113606.