Marine Fishery Conservation for A Better Future

Date:Apr 28, 2024    |  【 A  A  A 】

(Text by ZHANG Hui,

Hui was making the otolith samples for the age identification of fishes. Credit: Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Marine fish are one of the most familiar and reliant marine livings to human beings. They not only have high biodiversity, but also provide high-quality protein to us. Therefore, marine fish have important scientific, ecological and economic value. However, with the dual effects of climate change and human activities, marine fish resources have been declining, which is reflected in many aspects such as simplification and miniaturization.

How to effectively protect fish resources is an important issue that we need to solve. The results of my research may provide some answers to the above questions.

I have been engaged in fish resource research for 20 years. My research combines morphology, molecular biology, marine environment and other disciplines. We mainly obtained fish and ichthyoplankton specimen and eDNA samples from field investigations to study the growth, distribution, species composition of fishes and their relationship with environmental change and climate change.

We attempt to reveal how fish resources are changing, protect fish spawning and nursery grounds, and predict the trend of changes in fish resources. I look forward to contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of fish resources through our efforts.

(Editor: ZHANG Yiyi)

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