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The National Marine Public Welfare Research Project
Update time: 2009-10-22
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Integration and Demonstration of Remediation Techniques On Key Economic Biotic Resources and Habitat in Typical Bay

Introduction of the project

  To resolve the vital problems of bio-resource degradation and environmental deterioration in typical bays in China, three representative semi-closed bays (Liaodong Bay, Rongcheng Bay, Xiangshan Habor) are selected as study area. Research contents are as followed:

  •  Investigating and monitoring on terrigenous pollution sources;
  •  Assessing carring capacity of typical bay;
  •  Developing and optimizing key techniques on biological resource restoration and habitat remediation, including establishment of artificial seaweed bed and reefs
  •  Confirming key economic species urgently to restore, and developing healthy breeding techniques
  •  Developing evaluating methods on restoration of biodiversity and biotic resource in experimental bays
  •  Establishing a technology system and several representative demonstration bases on biological resource restoration and bay habitat remediation.

Progress of the project

Development of oyster shell reef for precious seafood aquaculture

  The precious sea product reef made of oyster shells for sea cucumber cultivation was jointly developed by IOCAS, Qingdao Chenyang Yongsheng Materials Limited Company and Shandong Lidao Oceanic  Science and Technology Co., Ltd.. It showed a high efficiency for sea cucumber gathering and re-cathing, easy to deploy and harvest, not liable to slit and low cost.

  The oyster shell in this precious sea product reef has large surface area. It is an excellent adhesion matrix for microalgae and seaweeds. The oyster shell reef has unique space structure and can supply abundant natural food sources, more adhesion and hiding places for sea cucumbers. Assemblage of numbers of reefs tend to cause upwelling current and enlarge the transportation of nutrients, hence supported the growth of microalgae and supplied abundant food to sea cucumbers. The reef increases the utilization efficiency of water column, easy to manage and havest, so it has an excellent application value for scientific research and precious seafood aquaculture.

  Launch of the precious sea product reefs which made of oyster shells


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