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Chinese Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)
Update time: 2009-09-24
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    OBIS China is the regional OBIS Node for Chinese region. OBIS China is responsible for collection, collation, and dissemination of data and information about the biodiversity of the China seas. Its main functions are to foster the on-line provision of marine species data from Chinese region into the OBIS portal, and to provide an access for Chinese users to the international OBIS data network. OBIS China is hosted by Institute of oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Mission and Objectives:
   OBIS China will show marine biodiversity data from the China seas, connect Chinese marine species data with the international OBIS network, and provide data service online.

Spatial Coverage:
  China Seas and adjacent waters
  Arctic Ocean
  Southern Ocean
Temporal Coverage:
   from 19th century to the present
Taxonomic coverage:
   Mainly fishes, invertebrates, algae
Services offered:
  OBIS China will provide information concerning marine biodiversity relevant to regions of concern, and provide a local portal for submission and services of data request.


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