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Name:Yunchen BI 
Title: Professor
Research Field: Marine Biology
Tel/Fax: 86-532-82893630

2019 – Professor, Institute of Oceanology, CAS

2013-2018 Research Associate. University of Virginia

2012-2013 Research Associate. High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


Ph.D. 2012. Graduate University of CAS
M.Sc. 2009. Shandong Normal University
B.Sc. 2006. Shandong Normal University

Research Interests: Marine Polysaccharide Biosynthesis, Marine Protein Structure

Selected Publications:
1.Yunchen Bi, Jochen Zimmer* Structure and Ligand-Binding Properties of the O Antigen ABC Transporter Carbohydrate-Binding Domain.. Structure. 2020 28(2):252-258

2.Yunchen Bi, Evan Mann, Chris Whitfield, and Jochen ZImmer*. Architecture of a channel-forming O-antigen polysaccharide ABC transporter. Nature. 2018 Jan 18; 553:361-365

3. Yunchen Bi, Caitlin Hubbard, Purushotham Pallinti, Jochen Zimmer*. Insights into the structure and function of membrane-integrated processive glycosyltransferases. Current Opinion in Structural Biology. 2015 Sep 2;34:78-86

4.Xiaoshan Shi1, Yunchen Bi1, Wei Yang1, Xingdong Guo, Yan Jiang, Chanjuan Wan, Lunyi Li, Yibing Bai, Jun Guo, Yujuan Wang, Xiangjun Chen, Bo Wu, Hongbin Sun, Wanli Liu, Junfeng Wang*, Chenqi Xu*. Ca2+ regulates T cell receptor activation by modulating the charge property of lipids. Nature. 2013 Jan 3; 493(7430):111-5

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