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Name:(姓名):Shan Gao

Title:(职称):Associate Professor

Research Field:(研究领域):Marine Biology




2017-,   Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor

2016-2016, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Assistant Professor

2014-2016, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Post Doctor

2011-2014, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor 

2008-2011, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, Master

2004-2008, Soochow University, Bachelor



2011-2014, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor

2008-2011, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, Master

2004-2008, Soochow University, Bachelor


Professional Memberships:(组织任职)


Research Interests:(研究方向)

Molecular physiology of marine algae

Acclimation of marine algae to environments

Honors and Awards:(获得荣誉、获奖情况)


Selected Publications:(发表论文、专利、出版书籍等):

1. Gao Shan, Chen XiaoYuan, Yi Qianqian, Wang Guangce, Pan Guanghua, Lin Apeng, Peng Guang. A Strategy for the Proliferation of Ulva prolifera, Main Causative Species of Green Tides, with Formation of Sporangia by Fragmentation. PLoS ONE, 2010, 5(1): e8571

2. Gao Shan, Wang Guangce*, Yang Ruiling, Xie Xiujun, Pan Guanghua, Xu Pu, Zhu Jianyi. Variations in the Cell Walls and Photosynthetic Properties of Porphyra yezoensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) During Archeospore Formation. Journal of Phycology, 2011, 47, 839-845 (IF=2.75)

3. Gao Shan, Shen Songdong, Wang Guangce*, Niu Jianfeng, Lin Apeng, Pan Guanghua. PSI-driven Cyclic Electron Flow Allows Intertidal Macro-algae Ulva sp. (Chlorophyta) to Survive in Desiccated Conditions. Plant & Cell Physiology, 2011, 52(5), 885-893 (IF=4.817)

4. Gao Shan and Wang Guangce*. The enhancement of cyclic electron flow around photosystem I improves the recovery of severely desiccated Porphyra yezoensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta). Journal of Experimental Botany, 2012, 63(12), 4349-4358 (IF=6.538) 

5. Gao Shan, Niu Jianfeng, Chen Weizhou, Wang Guangce*, Xie Xiujun, Pan Guanghua, Gu Wenhui and Zhu Daling. The physiological links of the increased photosystem II activity in moderately desiccated Porphyra haitanensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) to the cyclic electron flow during desiccation and re-hydration. Photosynthesis Research, 2013, 116:45–54 (IF=4.12)

6. Gao Shan, Zheng Zhenbing, Gu Wenhui, Xie Xiujun, Huan Li, Pan Guanghua, and Wang Guangce*. Photosystem I shows a higher tolerance to sorbitol-induced osmotic stress than Photosystem II in the intertidal macro-algae Ulva prolifera (Chlorophyta). Physiologia Plantarum, 2014, 152 (2): 380-388 (IF=3.66)

7. Gao Shan, Gu Wenhui, Xiong Qian, Ge Feng, Xie Xiujun, Li Jian, Chen Weizhou, Pan Guanghua, and Wang Guangce*. Desiccation enhances phosphorylation of PSII and affects the distribution of protein complexes in the thylakoid membrane. Physiologia Plantarum, 2015, 153(3):492-502 (IF=3.66) 

8. Gao Shan, Sun Qinghai, Tao Yueliang, Wang Xulei, Li Wei, Huan Li, Wu Mingjiang, Wang Guangce*. A decline in macro-algae species resulting in the overwhelming prevalence of Corallina species is caused by low-pH seawater induced by short-term acid rain. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 2016, 475: 144-153. (IF=2.31)

9. Gao Shan, Zheng Zhenbing, Huan Li, Wang Guangce*. G6PDH activity highlights the operation of the cyclic electron flow around PSI in Physcomitrella patens during salt stress. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6: 21245, doi:10.1038/srep21245. (IF=5.52)

10. Gao Shan, Huan Li, Lu Xiaoping, Jin Weihua, Wang Xulei, Wu Mingjiang, Wang Guangce*. Photosynthetic performance responses to saline stress by the low intertidal macroalga, Sargassum fusiforme (Sargassaceae). Photosynthetica, 2016, 54:430-437 (IF=1.56)

11. Zheng Zhenbing#, Gao Shan#, He Yuan, Li Zhuangyue, Li Yuanxiang, Cai Xuehua, Gu Wenhui, Wang Guangce*. The enhancement of the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway maybe involved in resolving imbalance between photosystem I and II in Dunaliella salina. Algal Research 2017, 26: 402408 (IF=4.62) 

12. Zheng Zhenbing#, Gao Shan#, Huan Li, Wang Guangce*. Diluted seawater affects phytohormone receptors and maintains the protonema stage in Physcomitrella patens. The Plant Journal 2018, 93(1) : 119-130 (IF=5.91)

13. Gao Shan #, Chi Zhen #, Chen Hailong, Zheng Zhenbing, Yuxiang Weng, Wang Guangce*. A supercomplex, approximately 720 kDa and composed of both photosystem reaction centers, dissipates excess energy by PSI in green macroalgae under salt stress. Plant & Cell Physiology, 2019, 60(1): 166–175

14. Zheng Zhenbing #, Gao Shan #, Wang Guangce*. Far red light induces the expression of LHCSR to trigger non photochemical quenching in the intertidal green macroalgae Ulva prolifera. Algal Research 2019, 40, 101512

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