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Name: Chaomin Sun
Research Field: Marine Microbiology
Tel/Fax: Tel.: +86 532 82898857; Fax: +86 532 82898648.
Lab website:
Professor (1/2014-present) Key Laboratory of Experimental Marine Biology,
Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
Assistant Project Scientist (1/2012-12/2013) Departments of Chemistry and MCB, University of California Berkeley, USA.
Postdoctor (12/2006-12/2011) Departments of Chemistry and MCB, University of California Berkeley, USA.
Ph. D (09/2002-07/2006): Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Molecular Microbiology, China.
Master (09/1999-06/2002): Department of Plant Protection, Shandong Agricultural University, in Plant Pathology, China.
Bachelor (09/1995-06/1999): Department of Plant Protection, Shandong Agricultural University, China
Research Interests:
Marine Microbiology; The exploration and utilization of marine microorganism natural products; Screening and molecular mechanism studies of marine microbial natural products inhibiting replication of Hepatitis C Virus.
Selected Publications:
Research papers
1) Sun C.*, Querol-Audi J., Mortimer S., Arias-Palomo E., Doudna J., Nogales E., Cate J. (2013) Two RNA-binding motifs in eIF3 direct HCV IRES-dependent translation. Nucleic Acids Research. 41(15): 7512-7521.
2) Querol-Audi J. *, Sun C.*, Vogan J., Smith D., Gu Y., Cate J., Nogales E. (2013) Architecture of human translation initiation factor 3. Structure 21 (6): 920-928. (*Co-first author)
3) Sun C*, Todorovic A, Querol-Audí J, Bai Y, Villa N, Snyder M, Ashchyan J, Lewis CS, Hartland A, Gradia S, Fraser CS, Doudna JA, Nogales E, Cate JH. (2011) Functional reconstitution of human translation initiation factor eIF3. PNAS 108(51): 20473-8.
4) Sun C*, Pager CT, Luo G, Sarnow P, Cate JH.(2010)Hepatitis C virus core-derived peptides inhibit genotype 1b viral genome replication via interaction with DDX3X. PLOS One. 5(9): e12826.
5) Sun C*, Zhou M, Li Y, Xiang H. (2006) Unidirectional theta replication of pSCM201, a novel structurally stable plasmid from extremely halophilic archaea. J Bacteriol. 188:8136-8144.
6) Sun C*, Li Y, Mei S, Lu Q, Zhou L, Xiang H. (2005) A single gene directs both production and immunity of halocin C8 in a haloarchaeal strain AS7092. Molecular Microbiology, 57: 537-549.

1. Xiang H, Sun C. (2004) A kind of haloarchaeal plasmid and its derived vectors. Patent No. ZL 200410049751.9.
2. Xiang H, Li Y, Sun C. (2005) The applications of a kind of halocin and its immunity protein and their encoding genes. Patent No. 200510055640.3.
3. Xiang H, Zhou L, Zhou M, Sun C, Zhou J. (2005) The vectors and engineering bacteria for the expression of purple membrane mutants of haloarchaea. Patent No. 200510087721.1.
4. Sun C, Cate Jamie. (2010) Methods and Compositions for Inhibiting Hepatitis C Virus Replication. US2010/020650.

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