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Name: Lei Wang


Subject: Marine Biology; Aquaculture

Tel/Fax: +86-532-82898722


More: Principal investigator of the Key Laboratory of Experimental Marine Biology, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



2000 –present, Professor, Institute of Oceanology, CAS

1994-2000, Associate professor, Institute of Oceanology, CAS



Ph.D. 1993. Graduate University of CAS

B.Sc. 1988. Shandong University


Professional Memberships

Duty Manager of Chinese Crustacean Society, Manager of Chinese Echinoderm Society

Vice Chairman of the Marine Biotechnology Branch Committee of Marine Society of China

Manager of 4th&5th Feed Industry Society of China


Research Interests:

Nutrition and Immunity of Marine Animals; Security of Aquatic Product


Honors and Awards:

Golden medal of the 8th National Invention Exhibition

The first prize of advanced science and technology issued by the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences.

Science and technology commander of Qingdao city

First prize of Science and Technology Progress of Shandong Province


Selected Publications:

1) Fang Han; Wang Baojie; Jiang, Keyong; Liu, Mei*; Wang Lei*, Effects of Lactobacillus pentosus HC-2 on the growth performance, intestinal morphology, immune-related genes and intestinal microbiota of Penaeus vannamei affected by aflatoxin B1, AQUACULTURE, DOI: 10.1016/j.aquaculture. 2020.

2) Du Yang, Zhou Shuhong, Liu Mei, Wang Baojie, Jiang Keyong, Fang Han, Wang Lei. Understanding the roles of surface proteins in regulation of Lactobacillus pentosus HC-2 to immune response and bacterial diversity in midgut of Litopenaeus vannamei. FISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGY,86,1194-1206,2019.

3) Wang Yilong, Wang Baojie, Liu Mei, Jiang Keyong, Wang Mengqiang, Wang Lei. Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals the different roles between hepatopancreas and intestine of Litopenaeus vannamei in immune response to aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) challenge. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part C 222,1-10,2019.

4) Wang Yilong, Wang Baojie, Shao Xuqing, Shao Jianchun, Liu Mei, Wang Mengqiang**, Wang Lei*. The effect of rearing density on immune responses of hepatopancreas and intestine in Litopenaeus vananmei against Vibrio paraheamolyticus E1 challenge. FISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGY,93,517-530,2019.

5) Du Yang, Wang Baojie, Jiang Keyong, Wang Mengqiang, Zhou Shuhong, Liu Mei, Wang Lei??. Exploring the influence of the surface proteins on probiotic effects performed by Lactobacillus pentosus HC-2 using transcriptome analysis in Litopenaeus vannamei midgut. FISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGY,87,853-870,2019.

6) Du Yang, Fang Han, Shao Xuqing, Liu Mei, Jiang Keyong, Wang Mengqiang, Wang Baojie*, Wang Lei*. Exploration of the influence of surface proteins on the probiotic activity of Lactobacillus pentosus HC-2 in the Litopenaeus vannamei midgut via label-free quantitative proteomic analysis. FISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGY,95,368-382,2019.

7) Shao Jianchun, Wang Baojie, Liu Mei, Jiang Keyong, Wang Lei*, Wang Mengqiang*. Replacement of fishmeal by fermented soybean meal could enhance the growth performance but not significantly influence the intestinal microbiota of white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. AQUACULTURE,504,354-360,2019.

8) Han Siyin, Wang MengqiangWang BaojieLiu MeiJiang KeyongWang Lei*. Comparative sensitivity of the hepatopancreas and midgut in the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei to oxidative stress under cyclic serious/medium hypoxia. AQUACULTURE, 490:44-52,2018.

9) Han Siyin, Wang Baojie, Liu Mei, Wang Mengqiang, Jiang Keyong, Liu Xinwei, Wang Lei*, Adaptation of the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei to gradual changes to a low-pH environment. ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 149:203-210, 2018.

10) Shao Jianchun; Zhao Wei ; Liu Xinwei; Wang Lei*. Growth Performance, Digestive Enzymes, and TOR Signaling Pathway of Litopenaeus vannamei Are Not Significantly Affected by Dietary Protein Hydrolysates in Practical Conditions. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY, 10.3389/fphys.2018.00998.


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