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Name:(姓名):Jie Huang
Title:(职称):Associate Professor
Research Field:(研究领域):Marine Geology

2016–present, Associate Professor, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2011–2015, Assistant researcher, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2018–2019, Visiting scholar, Kiel University, Germany
2006–2011, Ph.D., Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2001–2005, B.S., China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China

Professional Memberships:(组织任职)
Reviewer: Quaternary Science Reviews, Continental Shelf Research, Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

Research Interests:(研究方向)
Marine sediments provenance and its response to changes in sea level, climate change and tectonic movement; Roles of tropical progresses in global climate change.

Selected Publications:(发表论文、专利、出版书籍等):
1. Huang Jie, Wan Shiming, Li Anchun, Li Tiegang, 2019. Two-phase structure of tropical hydroclimate during Heinrich Stadial 1 and its global implications. Quaternary Science Reviews, In press.
2. Huang Jie, Wan Shiming, Zhang Jin, Liu Jian, Mei Xi, Hu bangqi, Dong Jiang, Zhang Xunhua, Li Anchun, Li Tiegang, 2019. Mineralogical and isotopic evidence for the sediment provenance of the western South Yellow Sea since MIS 3 and implications for paleoenvironmental evolution. Marine Geology 414: 103-117.
3. Huang Jie, Wan Shiming, Xiong Zhifang, Zhao Debo, Liu Xiting, Li Anchun, Li Tiegang, 2016. Geochemical records of Taiwan-sourced sediments in the South China Sea linked to Holocene climate changes. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 441: 871-881.
4. Huang Jie, Jiang Fuqing, Wan Shiming, Zhang Jin, Li Anchun, Li Tiegang, 2016. Terrigenous supplies variability over the past 22,000 yr in the southern South China Sea slope: Relation to sea level and monsoon rainfall changes. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 117: 317-327.
5. Huang Jie, Li Anchun, Wan Shiming, 2011. Sensitive grain-size records of Holocene East Asian Summer Monsoon in sediments of Northern South China Sea Slope. Quaternary Research 75: 734-744.
6. Li Anchun, Huang Jie, Jiang Hengyi, Wan Shiming, 2011. Sedimentary evolution in the northern slope of South China Sea since Oligocene and its responses to tectonics. Chinese Journal of Geophysics 54(6): 1084-1096.

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