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WANG XiaoYuan


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Name:(姓名)Xiaoyuan WANG

Title:(职称)Associate Researcher

Subject:(专业)Marine Geochemistry



Address:(通信地址)No.7 Nanhai Road, Qingdao, IOCAS


2015- Associate Researcher, Institute of Oceanology, CAS

2008-2015, Assistant Researcher, Institute of Oceanology, CAS


Ph.D. 2008. Institute of Oceanology, CAS

B.S. 2003. Qingdao University of China

Research Interests:(研究领域)

Genesis of hydrothermal fluids, Diffusion of hydrothermal plumes

Selected Publications:(科研成果)

1. Zhigang Zeng*, Xiaoyuan Wang*, Bramley J. Murton, Haiyan Qi, Berit Lehrmann, Xiaohui Li, Zuxing Chen, Yunchao Shu. Dispersion and Intersection of Hydrothermal Plumes in the Manus Back-Arc Basin, Western Pacific. Geofluids, 2020,

2. Xiaoyuan Wang, Xuebo Yin, Zhigang Zeng, Shuai Chen*. Multi-element Analysis of Ferromanganese Nodules and Crusts by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry. Atomic Spectroscopy, 2019, 40(5), 153-160.

3. Zhigang Zeng*, Xiaoyuan Wang*, Haiyan Qi, Bowen Zhu. Arsenic and Antimony in Hydrothermal Plumes from the Eastern Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea. Geofluids, 2018,

4. Xuebo Yin, Xiaoyuan Wang*, Shuai Chen, Yao Ma, Guo Kun, Zhigang Zeng. Trace Element Determination in Sulfur Samples Using a Novel Digestion Bomb Prior to ICP-MS Analysis. Atomic Spectroscopy, 2018, 39(4), 137-141.

5. Wang Xiaoyuan, Zeng Zhigang*, Qi Haiyan, Chen Shuai, Yin Xuebo, Yang Baoju. Fe-Si-Mn-Oxyhydroxide Encrustations on Basalts at East Pacific Rise near 13°N: An SEM-EDS Study. Journal of Ocean University of China, 2014, 13, 917-925.

6. Wang Xiaoyuan, Zeng Zhigang*, Chen Shuai, Yin Xuebo, Chen Cehn-Tung Arthur. Rare earth elements in hydrothermal fluids from Kueishantao, off northeastern Taiwan: Indicators of shallow-water, sub-seafloor hydrothermal processes. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2013, 58(32), 4012-4020.

7. Wang Xiaoyuan, Zhao Huijing, Zeng Zhigang*, Yin Xuebo, Chen Shuai, Ma Yao. Characteristics of silicon and oxygen isotopic compositions of basalts near East Pacific Rise 13°N. Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 2013, 32(12), 104-108.

8. Zeng Zhigang*, Wang Xiaoyuan, Chen Chen-Tung Arthur, Yin Xuebo, Chen Shuai, Ma Yunqi, Xiao Yingkai. Boron isotope compositions of fluids and plumes from the Kueishantao hydrothermal field off northeastern Taiwan: Implications for fluid origin and hydrothermal processes. Marine Chemistry, 2013, 157, 59-66.

9. Zeng Zhigang*, Wang Xiaoyuan, Zhang Guoliang, Yin Xuebo, Chen Daigeng, Wang XiaoMei. Formation of Fe-oxyhydroxides from the East Pacific Rise near latitude 13°N: Evidence from mineralogical and geochemical data. Science China, Earth Sciences, 2008, 51(2), 206-215.

10. Wang Xiaoyuan, Zeng Zhigang*, Liu Changhua, Yin Xuebo, Yu Shaoxiong, Yuan Chunwei, Zhang Guoliang, Wang Xiaomei. Geochemical anomalies of hydrothermal plume at EPR 13°N. Science China, Earth Sciences, 2007, 50(9), 1433-1440.

Honors and Awards:(获得荣誉、获奖情况)

1. The Natural Science Award of Shandong Province, 2018, the second prize, A study of submarine systems and their potential resource and environmental effects, Primarily achieved by Zeng Zhigang, Wang Xiaoyuan, Yin Xuebo, Chen Shuai, Ma Yao.

2. Marine Science and Technology Award, 2017, the second prize, Seafloor hydrothermal activity and ore-forming mechanism, Primarily achieved by Zeng Zhigang, Wang Xiaoyuan, Qi Haiyan, Ma Yao.

3. The Natural Science Award of Qingdao, 2017, the second prize, Formation and evolution of seafloor hydrothermal products, Primarily achieved by Zeng Zhigang, Wang Xiaoyuan, Yin Xuebo, Chen Shuai, Ma Yao.

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