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Name: Zhaokai Xu

Title: Researcher (Professor)

Subject: Marine Geology, Paleoceanography, and Paleoclimatology

Tel/Fax: (86)532-82898835/(86)532-82898526


Address: 7 Nanhai Road, Qingdao 266071, Shandong, China

Laboratory: CAS Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment


2018.12 – present, Researcher, CAS Center for Excellence in Quaternary Science and Global Change.

2017.11 – present, Researcher, Center for Ocean Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2017.9 – 2017.11, Sedimentologist, Expedition 369, International Ocean Discovery Program.

2017.1 – present, Researcher, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2017.1 – present, Researcher, Laboratory for Marine Geology, Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (Qingdao).

2015.9 – 2016.12, Associate Researcher, Laboratory for Marine Geology, Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (Qingdao).

2015.4 – 2015.5, Sedimentologist, Expedition 355, International Ocean Discovery Program.

2014.8 – 2015.1, Visiting Scholar, South Sea Research Institute, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology.

2011.1 – 2016.12, Associate Researcher, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2009.7 – 2010.12, Assistant Researcher, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2007.9 – 2009.2, Postdoctor, Kunsan National University, Korea.

2007.7 – 2009.6, Assistant Researcher, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Ph.D., 2007.7, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

B.S. , 2002.7, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China.

Professional Memberships:

Editorial Board, Geological Science and Technology Information (2018.9 – 2022.8).

Council Member, Professional Committee of Interglacial Climate and Environment, Chinese Association for Quaternary Research (2017.1 – 2020.12).

Referee for Quaternary Science Reviews, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Scientific Reports, Chemical Geology, and so on.

Research Interests:

Marine geology, especially on sedimentary source-to-sink processes, together with their paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic implications, in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Honors and Awards:

Member, the Second Prize for Innovation Achievement Award of National Oceanic Administration (2011).

Annual outstanding individual of Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014 and 2018.

Selected Publications:

1. Zhaokai Xu, Shiming Wan, Christophe Colin, Tiegang Li*, Peter D. Clift, Fengming Chang, Rongtao Sun, Zhaojie Yu, Dhongil Lim*. Enhanced terrigenous organic matter input and productivity on the western margin of the Western Pacific Warm Pool during the Quaternary sea-level lowstands: Forcing mechanisms and implications for the global carbon cycle. Quaternary Science Reviews, 2020, 232: 106211.

2. Hongjin Chen, Zhaokai Xu*, Dhongil Lim, Peter D. Clift, Fengming Chang, Tiegang Li*, Mingjiang Cai, Wei Wang, Zhaojie Yu, Rongtao Sun. Geochemical Records of the Provenance and Silicate Weathering/Erosion From the Eastern Arabian Sea and Their Responses to the Indian Summer Monsoon Since the Mid-Pleistocene. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 2020, 35: e2019PA003732.

3. Wei Wang, Zhaokai Xu*, Tiegang Li, Shiming Wan, Mingjiang Cai, Hongjin Chen, Rongtao Sun, Dhongil Lim*. Sources and origins of eolian dust to the Philippine Sea determined by major minerals and elemental geochemistry. Geological Magazine, 2020, 157: 719-728.

4. Mingjiang Cai, Zhaokai Xu*, Peter D. Clift, Boo-Keun Khim, Dhongil Lim, Zhaojie Yu, Denise K. Kulhanek, Tiegang Li*. Long-term history of sediment inputs to the eastern Arabian Sea and its implications for the evolution of the Indian summer monsoon since 3.7 Ma. Geological Magazine, 2020, 157: 908-919.

5. Zhaokai Xu, Dhongil Lim*, Tiegang Li*, Soyoung Kim, Hoisoo Jung, Shiming Wan, Fengming Chang, Mingjiang Cai. REEs and Sr-Nd isotope variations in a 20 ky-sediment core from the middle Okinawa Trough, East China Sea: An in-depth provenance analysis of siliciclastic components. Marine Geology, 2019, 415 : 105970.

6. Zhaokai Xu, Tiegang Li*, Peter D. Clift, Shiming Wan, Dhongil Lim*, Fengming Chang, Rongtao Sun. Sea-level, monsoonal, and anthropogenic impacts on the millennial-scale variability of siliciclastic sediment input into the western Philippine sea since 27 ka. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2019, 177: 250-262.

7. Hongjin Chen, Zhaokai Xu*, Peter D. Clift, Dhongil Lim, Boo-Keun Khim*, Zhaojie Yu. Orbital-scale evolution of the Indian summer monsoon since 1.2 Ma: Evidence from clay mineral records at IODP Expedition 355 Site U1456 in the eastern Arabian Sea. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2019, 174: 11-22.

8. Zhaokai Xu, Tiegang Li*, Christophe Colin, Peter D. Clift, Rongtao Sun, Zhaojie Yu, Shiming Wan, Dhongil Lim*. Seasonal variations in the siliciclastic fluxes to the western Philippine Sea and their impacts on seawater εNd values inferred from 1 year of in situ observations above Benham Rise. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2018, 123: 6688-6702.

9. Zhaokai Xu, Tiegang Li*, Peter D. Clift, Shiming Wan, Xiaohua Qiu, Dhongil Lim*. Bathyal records of enhanced silicate erosion and weathering on the exposed Luzon shelf during glacial lowstands and their significance for atmospheric CO2 sink. Chemical Geology, 2018, 476: 302-315.

10. Jihun Kim, Dhongil Lim*, Dohyun Jung, Jeongwon Kang, Hoisoo Jung, Hanjun Woo, Kapsik Jeong, Zhaokai Xu*. Sedimentary mercury (Hg) in the marginal seas adjacent to Chinese high-Hg emissions: Source-to-sink, mass inventory, and accumulation history. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2018, 128: 428-437.

11. Dhongil Lim*, Jihun Kim, Zhaokai Xu*, Kapsik Jeong, Hoisoo Jung. New evidence for Kuroshio inflow and deepwater circulation in the Okinawa Trough, East China Sea: Sedimentary mercury variations over the last 20 kyr. Paleoceanography, 2017, 32: 571-579.

12. Zhaokai Xu, Tiegang Li, Peter D. Clift, Dhongil Lim*, Qingyun Nan*, Shiming Wan, Jinyong Choi, Mingjiang Cai, Hongjin Chen. Sediment provenance and paleoenvironmental change in the middle Okinawa Trough during the last 18.5 ky: Clay mineral and geochemical evidence. Quaternary International, 2017, 440: 139-149.

13. Zhaokai Xu*, Tiegang Li*, Peter D. Clift, Shiming Wan, Mingjiang Cai, Hongjin Chen. Comment on “Sr-Nd isotope composition and clay mineral assemblages in Eolian dust from the central Philippine Sea over the last 600 kyr: Implications for the transport mechanism of Asian dust” by Seo et al. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2016, 121: 14137-14141.

14. Hoi-Soo Jung, Dhongil Lim*, Do-Hyun Jeong, Zhaokai Xu*, Tiegang Li. Discrimination of sediment provenance in the Yellow Sea: Secondary grain-size effect and REE proxy. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2016, 123: 78-84.

15. Zhaokai Xu*, Tiegang Li*, Peter D. Clift, Dhongil Lim, Shiming Wan, Hongjin Chen, Zheng Tang, Fuqing Jiang, Zhifang Xiong. Quantitative estimates of Asian dust input to the western Philippine Sea in the mid-late Quaternary and its potential significance for paleoenvironment. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 2015, 16: 3182-3196.

16. Dhongil Lim, Zhaokai Xu*, Jinyong Choi, Tiegang Li, Soyoung Kim. Holocene changes in detrital sediment supply to the eastern part of the central Yellow Sea and their forcing mechanisms. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2015, 105: 18-31.

17. Tiegang Li, Zhaokai Xu*, Dhongil Lim*, Fengming Chang, Shiming Wan, HoiSoo Jung, Jinyong Choi. Sr-Nd isotopic constraints on detrital sediment provenance and paleoenvironmental change in the northern Okinawa Trough during the late Quaternary. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 2015, 430: 74-84.

18. Dhongil Lim, Hoisoo Jung, Zhaokai Xu*, Kapsik Jeong, Tiegang Li. Elemental and Sr-Nd isotopic compositional disparity of riverine sediments around the Yellow Sea: Constraints from grain-size and chemical partitioning. Applied Geochemistry, 2015, 63: 272-281.

19. Zhaokai Xu*, Dhongil Lim*, Jinyong Choi, Tiegang Li, Shiming Wan, Kyoungchan Rho. Sediment provenance and paleoenvironmental change in the Ulleung Basin of the East (Japan) Sea during the last 21 kyr. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2014, 93: 146-157. 

20. Zhaokai Xu*, Tiegang Li*, Fengming Chang, Shiming Wan, Jinyong Choi, Dhongil Lim. Clay-sized sediment provenance change in the northern Okinawa Trough since 22 kyr BP and its paleoenvironmental implication. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 2014, 399: 236-245.

21. Zhaokai Xu, Tiegang Li*, Shiming Wan, Qingyun Nan, Anchun Li, Fengming Chang, Fuqing Jiang, Zheng Tang. Evolution of East Asian monsoon: Clay mineral evidence in the western Philippine Sea over the past 700 kyr. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2012, 60: 188-196.

* indicates the corresponding author.

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