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Name:(姓名)Zhuoyuan Chen


Research Field:(研究领域)

Atmospheric corrosion and protection, photoelectrochemical cathodic protection, photocatalysis







2010.5-: Professor, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2005.12-2010.4: Postdoctoral Research Associate and Research Scientist, University of Virginia and University of Alberta

1997.8-2001.1: Research Engineer, Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute, China



Ph.D. Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Materials Science & Engineering, October, 2005

M.S.E. Institute of Corrosion and Protection of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Corrosion Science & Engineering, July, 1997

B.E.S. Nan Chang University, China, Materials Science & Engineering, July, 1994


Professional Memberships:(组织任职)



Research Interests:(研究方向)

1. Atmospheric corrosion and protection

2. Photoelectrochemical cathodic protection

3. Photocatalysis

4. Modelling calculation

5. Accelerated test methods for coating research

6. Corrosion electrochemistry


Selected Publications:

1. Chang Feng, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Jiangping Jing, Mengmeng Sun, Guiying Lu, Jing Tian, Jian Hou, A novel TiO2 nanotube arrays/MgTixOy multiphase-heterojunction film with high efficiency for photoelectrochemical cathodic protection, Corros. Sci., 2020, 166: 108441, 1-9

2. Xuhong Jiang#, Mengmeng Sun#, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Jiangping Jing, Chang Feng, High-efficiency photoelectrochemical cathodic protection performance of the TiO2/AgInSe2/In2Se3 multijunction nanosheet array, Corrosion Science, 2020, 176: 108901, 1-14

3. Chang Feng, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Jiangping Jing, Jian Hou, The photocatalytic phenol degradation mechanism of the Ag-modified ZnO nanorods, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2020, 8: 3000-3009 (封面文章)

4. Jiangping Jing, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Chang Feng, Dramatically enhanced photoelectrochemical properties and transformed p/n type of g-C3N4 caused by K and I co-doping, Electrochim. Acta, 2019, 297: 488-496

5. Hengte Li, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Xingchen Liu, Jian Hou, Mingxian Sun, Rongchang Zeng, Study on the mechanism of the photoelectrochemical effect on the initial NaCl-induced atmospheric corrosion process of pure copper exposed in humidified pure air, J. Electrochem. Soc. 2018, 165(10): C608-C617

6. Chang Feng, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Jian Hou, Jiarun Li, Xiangbo Li, Likun Xu, Mingxian Sun, Rongchang Zeng, Effectively enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production performance of one-pot synthesized MoS2 clusters/CdS nanorod heterojunction material under visible light, Chem. Eng. J., 2018, 345: 404-413(高被引、热点、封面文章)

7. Mengmeng Sun, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Jiarun Li, Jian Hou, Fengling Xu, Likun Xu, Rongchang Zeng, Enhanced visible light-driven activity of TiO2 nanotube array photoanode co-sensitized by "green" AgInS2 photosensitizer and In2S3 buffer layer, Electrochim. Acta, 2018, 269: 429-440

8. Yuyu Bu, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Chengjun Sun, Highly efficient Z-Scheme Ag3PO4/Ag/WO3-x photocatalyst for its enhanced photocatalytic performance, Appl. Catal. B: Environ., 2015, 179: 363-371

9. Liying Song, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Baorong Hou, The role of the photovoltaic effect of γ-FeOOH and b-FeOOH on the corrosion of 09CuPCrNi weathering steel under visible light, Corros. Sci., 2015, 93: 191-200

10. Yuyu Bu, Zhuoyuan Chen*, Weibing Li, Using electrochemical methods to study the promotion mechanism of the photoelectric conversion performance of Ag-modified mesoporous g-C3N4 heterojunction material, Appl. Catal. B: Environ., 2014, 144: 622-630




1. Zhuoyuan Chen, Atmospheric corrosion of copper and its test methods, Chinese Science Press, Page 1-187, 2011

2. Zhuoyuan Chen, Yuyu Bu, Heterojunction photocatalytic materials, Chinese Science Press, Page 1-169, 2016

3. Zhuoyuan Chen, Mechanism of the photoelectrochemical cathodic protection for metallic corrosion, Chinese Science Press, Page 1-188, 2017

4. Zhuoyuan Chen, Influencing mechanism of ultraviolet light illumination on the atmospheric corrosion process of metals, Chinese Science Press, Page 1-219, 2017


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