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Name:(姓名):ZHANG Dun
Research Field:(研究领域):Marine Corrosion and Protection
? 2006- present, Research professor, Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental corrosion and Bio-fouling, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
? 2003- 2006, Researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
? 1999-2000, Researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
? 1993-1999, Researcher, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
? 1987-1990, Assistant engineer, Northeast Machine Co.
? Ph.D., 2003, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
? M.A., 1993, Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
? B.A., 1987, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Professional Memberships:(组织任职)
? Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection
? Director of Marine Corrosion and Bio-fouling Professional Committee of Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology
? Council member of Asia-Pacific Corrosion Control Alliance
? Council member of Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology
? Council executive Member of Corrosion and Protection Society of Shandong Province and Qingdao City
? Editorial board of Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection
? Editorial board of Corrosion and Protection
? Editorial board of Equipment Environmental Engineering
? Editorial board of Friends of Corrosion Protection
Research Interests:(研究方向)
? Marine environmental microbiologically influenced corrosion mechanisms
? Construction of functional bionic anti-Corrosion and antifouling surface
? Development of green and high efficiency marine antifouling agent
? Rapid detection technology of marine corrosion related microorganisms
Honors and Awards:(获得荣誉、获奖情况)
? Second Prize of Marine Science and Technology Award (2016, 2018)
? Second Prize of Marine Engineering Science and Technology Award (2017)
? Third Prize of Qingdao Natural Science Award (2012, 2013, 2014)
? Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2011, 2013)
Selected Publications:
1. Yi Wang, Dun Zhang*. Bioinspired assembly of layered double hydroxide/carboxymethyl chitosan bionanocomposite hydrogel films. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2014, 2, 1024-1030. (IF=6.702, JCR10%, Q1).
2. Yi Wan, Laibao Zheng, Yan Sun, Dun Zhang*. Multifunctional semiconducting polymer dots for imaging, detection, and photo-killing of bacteria. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2014, 2, 4818-4825. (IF=6.702, JCR10%, Q1).
3. Yi Wan, Peng Qi, Dun Zhang*, Peng Wang, Yi Wang. Quaternized magnetic nanoparticles-fluorescent polymer system for detection and identification of bacteria. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2014, 55, 289-293. (IF=6.451, JCR5%, Q1).
4. Peng Qi, Yi Wan, Dun Zhang*. Impedimetric biosensor based on cell-mediated bioimprinted films for bacterial detection. Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2013, 39(1), 282-288. (IF=5.437, JCR5%, Q1).
5. Jiajia Wu, Dun Zhang*, Yi Wang, Baorong Hou. Electrocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped graphene synthesized via a one-pot hydrothermal process towards oxygen reduction reaction. Journal of Power Sources, 2013, 227, 185-190. (IF=4.675, JCR15%, Q1).
6. Peng Qi, Dun Zhang*, Yi Wan. Sulfate-reducing bacteria detection based on the photocatalytic property of microbial synthesized ZnS nanoparticles. Analytica Chimica Acta, 2013, 800, 65-70 (IF=4.387, JCR15%, Q1).
7. Peng Ju, Ping Wang, Bin Li, Hai Fan, Shiyun Ai, Dun Zhang?, Yi Wang. A novel calcined Bi2WO6/BiVO4 heterojunction photocatalyst with highly enhanced photocatalytic activity. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2014, 236, 430-437. (IF=4.058, JCR5%, Q1).
8. Chaohong Liu, Dun Zhang*, Yan Sun. Synthesis of hollow anatase spheres with enhanced optical performance. CrystEngComm, 2014, 16, 8421-8428. (IF=3.858, Q1).
9. Peng Wang, Dun Zhang*, Ri Qiu, Yi Wan, Jiajia Wu. Green approach to fabrication of a super-hydrophobic film on copper and the consequent corrosion resistance. Corrosion Science, 2013, doi:10.1016/j.corsci.2013.11.055. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
10. Peng Wang, Dun Zhang*, Ri Qiu, Jiajia Wu, Yi Wan. Super-hydrophobic film prepared on zinc and its effect on corrosion in simulated marine atmosphere. Corrosion Science, 2013, 69, 23-30. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
11. Ri Qiu, Dun Zhang*, Peng Wang. Superhydrophobic-Carbon Fiber Growth on Zinc Surface for Anticorrosion Application. Corrosion Science, 2013, 66, 350-359. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
12. Peng Qi, Dun Zhang*, Yi Wan. Determination of sulfate-reducing bacteria with chemical conversion from ZnO nanorods arrays to ZnS arrays. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 2013, 181, 274-279 (IF=3.535, JCR5%, Q1).
13. Peng Ju, Hai Fan, Bingliang Zhang, Kun Shang, Tao Liu, Shiyun Ai*, Dun Zhang*. Enhanced photocatalytic activity of ?-AgVO3 nanowires loaded with Ag nanoparticles under visible light irradiation. Separation and Purification Technology, 2013, 109, 107-110 (IF=2.894, JCR15%, Q1).
14. Peng Wang, Dun Zhang*, Ri Qiu, Yi Wan, Jiajia Wu. Green approach to fabrication of a super-hydrophobic film on copper and the consequent corrosion resistance. Corrosion Science, 2014, 80, 366-373. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
15. Peng Wang, Dun Zhang*, Ri Qiu, Jiajia Wu, Super-hydrophobic metal-complex film fabricated electrochemically on copper as a barrier to corrosive medium. Corrosion Science, 2014, 83, 317-326. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
16. Shiqiang Chen, Peng Wang, Dun Zhang*. Corrosion behavior of copper under biofilm of sulfate-reducing bacteria. Corrosion Science, 2014, 87, 407-415. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
17. Peng Wang, Dun Zhang*, Zhou Lu. Advantage of super-hydrophobic surface as a barrier against atmospheric corrosion induced by salt deliquescence. Corrosion Science, doi: 10.1016/j.corsci.2014.09.001. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
18. Zhou Lu, Peng Wang, Dun Zhang*. Super-hydrophobic film fabricated on aluminum surface as a barrier to atmospheric corrosion in a marine environment. Corrosion Science, 2014, doi: 10.1016/j.corsci.2014.11.029. (IF=3.686, JCR5%, Q1).
19. Peng Qi, Dun Zhang*, Yi Wan. A novel sulfate-reducing bacteria detection method based on inhibition of cysteine protease activity. Talanta, 2014, 129, 270-275. (IF=3.511, Q1).
20. Yan Zeng, Yi Wan, Dun Zhang*, Peng Qi, A novel magneto-DNA duplex probe for bacterial DNA detection based on exonuclease Ⅲ-aided cycling amplification. Talanta, 2014, doi: 10.1016/j.talanta.2014.08.054. (IF=3.511, Q1).
21. Peng Qi, Dun Zhang*, Yi Wan. Development of an amperometric microbial biosensor based on Thiobacillus thioparus cells for sulfide and its application to detection of sulfate-reducing bacteria. Electroanalysis, 2014, 26, 1824-1830. (IF=2.502, Q2).
22. Yi Wang, Dun Zhang*. Layered double hydroxides as a nanocontainer for encapsulating marine natural product antifoulant: Intercalation and tunable controlled release of cinnamate. Materials Research Bulletin, 2014, doi: 10.1016/j.materresbull.2014.12.021. (IF=1.968, Q2).
23. Chaohong Liu, Dun Zhang*. Large-scale one-dimensional BixOyIz nanostructures: synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic applications. Applied Physics A Materials Science & Processing, 2014, doi: 10.1007/s00339-014-8811-7. (IF=1.694, Q2). 
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37. WU Jiajia, ZHANG Dun*, WANG Peng, CHENG Yong, SUN Shimei, SUN Yan. The influence of Desulfovibrio sp. and Pseudoalteromonas sp. on the corrosion of Q235 carbon steel in natural seawater [J]. Corrosion Science, 2016, 112: 552-562. 
38. WANG Peng, ZHANG Dun*, SUN Shimei, LI Tianping, SUN Yan. Fabrication of slippery lubricant-infused porous surface with high underwater transparency for the control of marine biofouling [J]. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2016, 9(1): 972-982.

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