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Name: Zhao Xia 

TitleAssociate researcher

Subject: Marine corrosion and protection

Tel/Fax: 0532-82898731/0532-82880498


Address: 7 Nanhai Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City



2016.12- Associate researcher, IOCAS

2011.6-2016.12, assistant researcher, IOCAS

2008.11-2011.5, post-doctor, IOCAS

PH.D, 2007, Ocean University of China

Research Interests:

The main research fields include modification methods of organic coating nano materials, micro and macro modification mechanism and electrochemical evaluation of protective performance. He presided over the national key R & D program, equipment pre research project of CMC, science and Technology Department Project of Shandong Province, National Natural Science Foundation Project and collaborative innovation center project, and participated in a number of national, provincial and ministerial level projects.

Honors and Awards:

1.Zhao Xia(1/1),The 12th Qingdao Youth Science and Technology Award,2020

2.Zhao Xia(1/9), Second prize of Qingdao science and Technology Progress Award,2020

3.Zhao Xia (1/9), second prize of Shandong science and technology progress award,2018

Selected Publications:

1.Xia Zhao#*; Shuai Yuan#; Zuquan Jin*; Qingjun Zhu; Meng Zheng; Quantong Jiang; Huamiao Song; Jizhou Duan; Fabrication of composite coatings with core-shell nanofibers and their mechanical properties, anticorrosive performance, and mechanism in seawaterProgress in Organic Coatings, 2020, 149: 105893.

2.Xia Zhao#*; Binbin Zhang; Zuquan Jin*; Changwei Chen; Qingjun Zhu; Baorong Hou; Epoxy coating modified by 2D MoS2/SDBS:fabrication, anticorrosion behaviour and inhibition mechanism, RSC Advances, 2016, 6: 97512-97522.

3. ZHAO Xia#*; LIU Shuan*; WANG Xiutong; HOU Baorong; Surface modification of ZrO2 nanoparticles with styrene coupling agent and its effect on the corrosion behaviour of epoxy coating, Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2014, 32(5):1163-1171.

4. Xia Zhao*, Jia Wang, Weihua Li, Baorong Hou. Research on coating deterioration process under fully immersing condition by using multi-parameters. Materials and corrosion. 2011,5:431-435.

5.Xia Zhao, Jia Wang*, Yanhua Wang, Tao Kong, Lian Zhong, Wei Zhang, Analysis of deterioration process of organic protective coating using EIS assisted by SOM network, Electrochemistry Communications 9 (2007) 1394-1399.

6. Jin Zuquan*; Zhao Xia*; Zhao Tiejun; Li Jianqing; Chloride ions transportation behavior and binding capacity of concrete exposed to different marine corrosion zones, Construction and Building Materials, 2018,177: 170–183.

7. Zuquan Jin*, Xia Zhao*, Tiejun Zhao, Li Yang. Interaction between compressive load and corrosive-ion attack on reinforced concrete with accelerated potentiostatic corrosion. Construction and Building Materials, 2016, 113:  805-814.

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